6 Aug

Originally posted to the Books & Co. blog, I would really like to share my review of Rebecca Hamilton’s The Forever Girl with YOU as well!

Books & Company

I read a book last month that I’ve been meaning to talk to you about. It is a great book. A super fun read!

A little under a year ago I stumbled across a completely wonderful member of the Twitterverse, an aspiring author with a heart of gold: @InkMuse, Rebecca Hamilton to those of you still refusing to reduce your thoughts to 140 characters or less.  After a few mentions and one or two direct messages to each other, Ms. Hamilton excitedly offered to send me the first two chapters of her upcoming book to take a look at.  I admit, though excited to read her work (I am always curious and up for reading new and virtually unknown writing), I took this with a dash of salt.  An unpublished author querying a complete stranger via social media?  I knew better than to get my hopes up.  Of course, it would…

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On turning thirty.

5 Aug

(Image @ Carhartts and Coach Bags)

I bid a fond adieu to my twenties the other day.

No.  I shouldn’t say it like that.

I booted my twenties out the door and hollered a chipper “good riddance!” the other day.

It’s not that I didn’t enjoy my twenties, I actually really did.  I accomplished a lot in ten short years.  That does not mean, however, that I have not been looking forward to turning thirty for some time now.  However foolish it may read, thirty seemed like a great idea to me.  Functional adulthood.  Open doors.  A sturdy foundation for the ever elusive Self.

As “they” say it wasn’t until I hit my mid-to-late twenties that I started to develop an understanding not only of my life, but of my Self.  It was then when I started to take all of the building blocks I had been given through my life – all of my experiences, hopes, dreams, mistakes, and education (inside the classroom and out) – and use them to construct a hasty groundwork.  A groundwork that, like the first draft of any piece of writing, would be toiled over, deconstructed, reconstructed, scribbled on, and begun anew several times over, until it started to feel comfortable.

This meant job changes, relationship metamorphoses, drama, failure, and success.  Life.  This meant life.

It hasn’t been easy.  There are days I’m surprised that I’ve made it this far, and there are days I doubt I’ll make it to tomorrow.  I don’t expect it to get any easier as I go along either, but I feel more prepared.  Every learning opportunity I encounter is another stepping stone on a very interesting garden path.

I am excited for this chapter of my life not because I feel it is some magical door through which an easily attained Utopia lies, but because things have gotten interesting lately.  I know myself more intimately than I ever have before.  If I am unhappy, I will make changes.  I will make fewer concessions.  I expect to stumble and I know I can pick myself up and that wounds will heal.  I want what I want, I like what I like, I love who I love, and I will neither feel shame nor apologize for that.

My thirties are going to be badass.  I am going to be badass.  Life is going to be badass.

(Sorry folks – I can’t recall where I found this one. If it’s yours, please let me know, I’d love to credit you!)

So folks, how’re things?

Urge Overkill – Girl, You’ll Be A Woman Soon


A survey and a writerly meme!

3 Aug

A Survey!  (Originally seen here: Getting To Know You Day on Authentic Experience.)

1. How long have you been blogging?
Four years. Ish.

2. Did you go to college?

  (Image @ Zelda Lily: Feminism in a Bra)

Why yes, yes I did.

3. Where have you traveled?
I have trekked over quite a bit of our fair Canada, have seen a wee bit of the USofA and have visited Germany and Austria.

4. If you won the lottery, what would be the first thing you would buy?
My house.

5. What are your three biggest pet peeves?
a) Tailgaters.

b) People who leave their blinkers on LONG after their turn and/or lane-change has been made.

c) Not being the centre of everyone’s universe.  It’s just wrong, guys.

6. What is your favourite movie?

7. What is your drink of choice; wine, beer, or liquor. Or Water, Soda, Tea?
Strange list.

I like water.  For more fun, I’m all about the DP. (Dr. Pepper, that is.)

8. What is something you enjoy to do when you have me time?

9. If you could have a $10,000 shopping spree to one store, which store would it be?
I’d love to say Books & Co., but I think Home Depot and Ikea are wiser choices. (If I have to spend it in a store and not refer to Question 4.)

10. Share with us an embarrassing moment of your past?
I was once ashamed to admit that I dig (It’s) Britney (Bitch) Spears.

11. What day would you love to relive again?
June 29, 2002.

12. If your life was turned into a movie… what actor would play you?
Anne Hathaway. Because this is the only way I will ever walk with any semblance of poise, or speak with a hint of eloquence.

13. What are the jobs you had in high school/college/the early years?
In high school I rocked an art gallery front desk (and gift shop) and college (university) saw me building pizzas or making salads, depending on which city I was in at the time.

14. Show us a picture from high school or college.
Okay. OLD uni picture, from the Residence Semi-Formal I attended in my second year.

15. If you could travel anywhere in the world, all expenses paid, where would you go?
The answer to this question depends on the day it’s asked. Today? Nova Scotia.

16. Show us the most current picture of you or you, or your family, or anything of meaning to you.
Okay.  Me and Nephew-Bug (on July 27, 2012)!

17. Where do you see your life 5 years from now?
I’m hoping to see it in a happy and healthy bosom of personal success. (Here’s a hint: YFN vyxen’s idea of personal success has very little, if anything, to do with financial gain.)


A Writerly Meme!

<Measurement of Time> 03 → How do you come up with character names? 

I used to use http://www.babynamenetwork.com/.  I tended to choose an origin based on the traits I had envisioned before naming a character and then I would start with a favourite letter and sift through the silt.

Now I use 55, 000+ Baby Names.  Because I picked it up for $4.99 and books are more fun than the internet (and it’s super fun to randomly sift through a baby name book in front of mephy).

Five Finger Death Punch – Bad Company


Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

29 Jul

(Image @ Spinoff Online)

For her birthday, in March, Sisty received a two-tickets-some-sodas-and-a-popcorn coupon to catch a flick.  She asked me if I would go along and if I wouldn’t mind waiting a few months .   . so we could catch the Spiderman reboot.  Being a big fan of YFN Spideyman, I enthusiastically agreed!  Well, the film’s here and on Tuesday night Sisty and I took in The Amazing Spider-Man.


Folks, this is the Spiderman film I was waiting for!  This film showcased the quirky, sassy, fun Spiderman I used to love so much.  More than that, it better established the Peter Parker/Spiderman dynamic.

Now apparently there’s been a bit of hate circulating for this movie.  From what I’ve heard the biggest complaint is that there’s too much backstory in this film.  I have to disagree.  I know that’s only been ten years since Raimi told his version of the story, just as I know we’re all reasonably aware of the tale of how a geeky, not-so-noteworthy teenager became The Amazing Spider-Man.  But, if you’re going to start at the beginning again, you have to tell the story again.  I feel that this film did an outstanding job of that.  It may have taken some liberties that die-hard comic book fans didn’t love, but I dug the flow of this one – it fit.

(Image found @ Walking as Jesus Did)

When I learned that Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) was going to be The Big Bad in this film, I was decidedly less than thrilled.  I like Connors, I think he’s a great character, but I wasn’t convinced that he was a great nemesis for the first film of this reboot.  I was wrong.  His appearance was actually an interesting juxtaposition – Parker as the accidental superhero, and Connors as accidental villain.  That, and it gave Denis Leary some fantastic fuel for Godzilla jokes.  (On that note: “giant lizard” was appropriate, but “giant dinosaur,” guys?  Really?  Not so much. . . . )  Rhys Infans did a great, great job of the scientist-turned-lizard-turned-scientist.  He kept Connors’s humanity intact while making room for the darker, animalistic side that encourages Dr. Curt to wonder if maybe, just maybe, the human race could stand some enhancing.

Spiderman.  I’ve been waiting for this representation of the web-slinger for, oh I don’t know, ten years now?  I am 100% one of those people.  I did not enjoy the Raimi series – Tobey Maguire was just not the best choice for Peter Parker (…do not get me started on my Dunst thoughts).  Andrew Garfield, on the other hand?  Andrew Garfield rocked my world.  That guy is Peter Parker.  He, like the re-vamped storyline, fits.  (I’ve read that he’s not been signed to the next films in this series yet – could we keep our fingers crossed that Sony & Co. don’t fumble on this?  I would be sad to lose this kid.)

And let’s not go away from this without mentioning Gwen Stacy.  Now it’s really not a secret that I’m a fan of MJ – I have a soft spot for feisty redheads – but I’m super thrilled that Gwen was Parker’s leading lady in this film.  This choice brought a bit of canon back to this story and I think we need a bit of a MJ break right now.  Emma Stone (another love of mine – for many reasons, Zombieland among the top) did a brilliant job of portraying one of Marvel’s best and brightest.  As did the rest of the cast!  Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Chris Zylka all did phenonemal jobs in their respecitve roles.

All in all?  I know haters gon’ hate, but I loved this movie!  THIS was the Spiderman I’ve wanted to see since I fell in love with the character in the ’90s.  This one.

So if you’re a comic book fan and you dig YFN Spiderman, you should see this film.  imho.

Ramones – Spiderman


Merry Christmas in July!

25 Jul

So!  A while back, when I was creeping on some of the amazing folks of BBN and their outstanding blogs I stumbled cross the wonderful Alyx of Every Day is a New Adventure.  Now let’s just nevermind that her blog is full of all kinds of awesome for now, I happened to start visiting it at exactly the right time – that is, my introduction to The Awesome that is Alyx happened as she announced one heckuva cool event: Christmas in July!

The gist of the sitch: we all love to receive gifts and we all love mail that is not bills, so why not sign our lovely selves up for a long-distance gift exchange with our fellow bloggers?  So!  If you were so inclined, Alyx and her co-conspirators invited you to join the fun with a sign up sheet that included some personal interest questions they would use (the answers to) to best match you with another fab blogger.

Naturally, being a fan of sending mail, I had to sign up!  Of course, my foray was not without its bugs to work out.  Turns out that no one in Canada wanted to be blog friends with me (story of my life), so I was asked if I would like to pair up internationally.  Absolutely I did – and was subsequently placed with the outstanding Julie of Little Gosh from Brazil!

Alas, because I was paired with someone out-of-country my package has not yet arrived to her.  And, because I’m reasonably certain Canada Post doesn’t enjoy to send mail internationally*, I am unable to provide tracking information for her parcel.  Julie – my fingers are crossed that it turns up yesterday-ish for you.

I did, however, receive MY nifty gifty!


How cool, right!?

Okay, so check it out.  We have:

1. A book! Not just any book either, this is a book Julie herself has read (the very book she read) that touched her in such a way that she felt the need to share it.  I’m pretty excited to read this one – I’ll let you know how it is!

2. That’s right, it’s a Brazillian soccer fox!  LOVE.  Love.  I am so psyched to be able to add this little guy to my (fox) collection.

3. A fabulous little (recycled) paper flower, which was purchased locally from an organization that helps families in need.

4. A skookum little Christmas box, and a lovely card with a super note to me!

Love this event!  Love.  Thank you, so much, for letting me be a part of it.  And thank you, Julie, for the amazing, thoughtful gifts!  You rock, lady!

Billy Talent – Red Flag


*Because they charge an arm and a leg to send mail and if you DO want tracking information and/or insurance on your parcel they will also ask for six toes and your liver.

Dear Canada Post,

I bite my thumb at you.



Eight more questions!

16 Jul

Okay! So I have more questions (to answer) . . . and another instalment of my 30 <Measurement of Time> Writing Challenge!

These questions, like the last, are courtesy of Gentri!

1. If you could be any princess – which would you be and why?

Cimorene.  OrMerida.  The former left her kingdom to (voluntarily) become a dragon’s princess because she wanted to learn magic and swordplay, not embroidery or dancing and the other fought for her own hand.  These are role models.

(Image @ whimsicalcow)

(Image @ The Disneywiki)

2. Do you have any odd habits? (do things in order, words that you say too often, etc)

I have to make (loose leaf) tea and sip it from a pretty little antique tea cup in order to write.

(Image @ YFN vyxen – my tea ritual!)

3. What’s your “go to” outfit?

Sweats, a tank top and a hoodie.  If I’m going out, it’s jeans and a t-shirt.  I am absolutely not a fashionista.  At all.

4. Do you have any siblings? What are their genders, ages, order of age, names, etc?

I do!  A younger sister (who is female in both sex and gender) named Allison, aged 25 years.

5. What’s your favourite precious stone?

I don’t really have one.  They’re all very lovely, but I’m not huge into that kind of thing.

6. If you had a cheque in your hand for $1M, what would you do with it?

Deposit it.

7. What do you love most about yourself physically (eyes, smile, hair, etc….)

The ink.  I love my ink.  Hard.


And now for something completely different!

<Measurement of Time> 2 – How many characters do you have? Do you prefer males or females?

I have too many characters.  I love to sketch characters. One of the biggest traps I have ever been exposed to is character reference sheets.  You know – those awesome survey-type questionnaires: what is your character’s name, favourite food, go-to Starcraft race, zodiac sign and magical ability?  Yes.  (As you can see above) I love to fill these out!  I am a pretty big fan of answering questions.  My downfall lies in my incredible inability to slip these ‘toons into plots of their very own.  Conceiving of characters is fun, writing their stories is way too much work!

I prefer males, but I tend to default to females.  I have a personal handicap that allows me to enter the mind of a woman with considerably more ease than that of a man.  Strange.

Monster Truck – Seven Seas Blues


Are we okay?

15 Jul

Oh blog, I’m neglecting you.  Forsaking you for others.  If we were married you’d so be getting half of my stuff.

So, life’s a busy little creature.

Let’s start with the blogging.  I really have been neglecting my own little world, but that does not mean I have shied away from blogging completely.  In fact, I have had two articles posted since I’ve been not-so-here.  Check it out:

I also have two half-written pieces floating around Wordprocessorland that I would really like to finish – I will even let you know what they are so you can hold me accountable: I have another entry in my 30 Days Weeks Months of Writing challenge and a report on why taking a Facebook hiatus was one of the best things I will do this year.  The former is easier to post than the latter, that one’s taking some time to get right.  (I also have two book reviews on the go for the Books & Co. blog.)

And life?  Life is always interesting, isn’t it?  mephy and I celebrated ten years of putting up with each other the other weekend, I travelled 500km to pick up ¼ of a (dead and frozen) cow, four of my favourite Ontarioans trekked across the country to visit my family, and I am currently* sitting out on my in-laws’ wonderful deck with a cup of coffee while the niece and nephew creatures take turns on the quad, my brother-in-law details my car (I have the best family), my sisters-in-law and other bro-in-law bike the property and mephy plays in the dirt with big machines.  Sprinkle a few weeks of work and various coffee and dinner dates into the mix and I feel I have a reasonable excuse to be neglectful – summer is such a great season.

My plans for the rest of the summer are no less hectic.  mephy and I have camping plans with The Albertans coming up pretty quickly, my boss has decreed that I shall upgrade The Internet (lofty goal), I have foolishly joined a writing preparation group, and I have undertaken a(nother) personal challenge.

There you have it, Lovelies.  I’ve been gone and have (what I consider to be) wonderful excuses.  I hope your summer is going swimmingly – let me know what you’ve been up to, I would love to catch up!

Bon Jovi – Summertime


*On Saturday July 14, 2012

Concert Review: My Darkest Days, Seether, Bush and Nickelback in Vancouver, BC

27 Jun

Yes.  That’s right, I did get to see My Darkest Days, Seether, Bush and Nickelback at Roger’s Arena (home of the mighty Canucks – go Jets, go!) last night (June 26th, 2012)!

We began our soiree with a twenty-three minute set from up-and-comers My Darkest Days.  (That’s right, only twenty-three minutes.)  It would have been nice to have seen a bit more of a showing from these gents, but they did deliver their radio singles (including a sadly Kroeger-less Pornstar Dancing) and made a seemingly successful attempt at establishing a reasonable stage presence with the Vancouver crowd.  The pornstar-dancing Torontonians have taken their cue from headline act Nickelback, busting out the sailor vocabulary and praising the native herb wafting from the seats of excited concert-goers.  These guys have something to prove – they were allowed to play at the adult stage, after all – and did not disappoint.  My Darkest Days are what they are: fun!  This was an entertaining offering from a new band that is not shy about clambering for footing all the way up.  They were solid in their sound and rocked the tunes they knew the crowd would dig.  And dig we did.

Next up?  Seether, the band that gave us Country Song (one of my favourites from last year).  This was a very interesting act.  From song one it was clear that these boys are more interested in engaging their fans through their music than their stage presence.  Frontman Shaun Morgan said no more than five words to last nights Roger’s Arena crowd – most of those words were repeated thanks for the after-song love – but did bring a set that included some of the band’s most popular singles.  What he did not bring was an extra guitar, which would have come in handy after he gave a sharp nod to KISS Starchild Paul Stanley when he introduced his instrument to the stage, ending Seether’s contribution to last night’s festivities.  Seether’s stage presence was further degraded by their lighting choreography – it was just absolutely impossible to get a good look at the band.  And, okay, while we’re at it?  The South African post-grunge rockers were loud in a terribly unbalanced way – an unfortunate combination of too much instrument, too much feedback and not nearly enough tuning.  Aside from that?  I love Seether on the radio and I actually really enjoyed their set – including the entirely too creepy clowns, zombies and haunted doll images flashing on the screens above them.

And then there was Bush.  My Darkest Days and Seether were great choices for this leg of Nickelback’s tour, but including the ‘90s grunge champions was genius.  I have already caught flack for this, but I’ll say it again anyway: Bush stole the show.  Their set was solid and crisp.  The most notable difference between Bush and their predecessors last night was that they have nothing to prove and they know it.  Gavin Rossdale and his merry men have been around the block a time or two; they’ve played the Juggernauts of Rock game already and now they’re in it for a good time (if not a long time).  You can tell.  From an eight-song set comprised of fan favourites from ’92 to present to Gavin’s enthusiastic jumping, dancing, rocking, praise of Vancouver and visit to his fans.  That’s right, Bush frontman Gavin Rossdale, while delivering a fantastic cover of The Beatle’s Come Together decided to take a stroll through the lower level of the Roger’s Arena stands to serenade screaming fans.  Bush came from my heyday(ish) and it was outstanding to see them rock as hard as they did and have as much fun as they seemed to.  (Dear Bush, if you come through with your promise to come back toVancouver, I promise that I will see you then. Yours, YFN vyxen.)

Now, in my eyes they’ve already been outdone, but we’ve saved the headliners for last anyway.

Nickelback.  Oh gentle reader, say what you will about them, Nickelback puts on a hell of a concert!  These boys know their fans and they deliver what The People scream for.  Theirs was a fun set!  They played, and drank, a little of everything – from 2001’s Silver Side Up to newly released Here and Now – and Fandom ate it up!  While the fellahs from Hanna Alberta rocked the main stage and a smaller, floating circular stage in the middle of the floor, the crowd went absolutely berserk.  Men fist-pumped, women gyrated and the eight-year-old behind me sang every word.  As one of the biggest deals in (stadium) rock today, Nickelback knows how to deliver a fantastic show, well worth the price of admission.  And that is exactly what our boys did last night.  My only real “I wish…. ” moment of the night came in the form of a desire for a shoutout to Curb (1996, 2001) or The State (1998, 2000) – my household prefers old Nickelback to now Nickelback.  Otherwise?  They are what they are folks – a solid band that puts on a great live show!  (Though Chad’s “happy birthday” to brother Mike seemed uninspiringly disingenuous.)

All in all?  Epic.  This fan favoured Bush above all, but the entire night was an absolute recipe for success!  I am beyond psyched to have been able to catch this show (thanks Mom!) – another awesome notch for the concert-going bedpost!

Rock on, friends.  Rock.  On.

My Darkest Days – Pornstar Dancing
Seether – Country Song
Bush – Machinehead
Nickelback – Rockstar


In which YFN vyxen answers seven questions and begins a series.

24 Jun


Some questions:

(The questions came from here!  You should answer them too, they’re fun.)

1. What do you do when you’re sick? (Do you act like a baby? Tough it out? Have any weird cravings? Cry?)
I tough it out. I live with a man, and so tease Mr. Man about how wimpy men are when they’re sick. I’d feel like a douche if I wasn’t She-Ra when sick. (Fuck you, Horde – Ima wreck you.)

2. What do you do to find motivation when you feel you’ve lost it?
In the case of RFN I make myself work. I’m a little sad and the last thing I want to do is sit down and write. (I’d really like to curl up and bask in the glory of Netflix.)

3. Do you wish time away or do you savour every moment?
I wish it away. There’s so much I want to do and I’d really just like to do it now, not savour The Now and wait. (I do wish – see what I did there? – I could savour every moment and I have tried, it’s just not working out so well for me.)

4. If you could be any mythological creature, what would you be, and why?
Chupacabra. ‘Cause that BAMF is a mythological Latin American Honey Badger.

5. What is your current biggest weakness and are you working on fixing it?
I have wavering self-esteem. It’s funny because today I was almost confident about a few things, but that’s just been shattered (it’s temporary – I’ll get over immediate disappointment). At any rate, my lack of self-confidence is debilitating.

As for fixing it? Yes, I’m working on it. I’m trying to be less “meh” about my talents. They’re real and they’re strong, I need to recognize that and hone in. I’m trying. Really hard. (It’s even been working.  Off and on.)

6. How do you greet someone when meeting them for the first time?
With a chipper “hello” and a hearty handshake.

7. How do you grocery shop? (Do you write up a list? Go in with no idea what you’re looking for? Have meal plans? Bring your own shopping bags?)
(I LOVE to grocery shop!)

I meal plan, so I like to pick dishes and then I build my grocery list around that, while taking into account work lunches for me and mephy and general household odds and ends (like Reese PB ice cream. A necessity in any household) – and yes, I bring my own shopping bags. I’m a little sad that $100+ can fit into only four (canvas) bags, but it sure saves on trips up and down the stairs when I bring it all home.


(Yes.  And then.)

So I was wandering the vastness of The Online (a dangerous pastime, I know) on a quest for another survey-type-thing to fill out for you.  But this brilliant 30 Day Writing Challenge distracted me.  I feel this is a fantastic series to take part in, so I will!  (This will absolutely not be a 30 Days INAROW Writing Challenge though.  I am not a daily blogger.  I MAY be able to do 30 WEEKSINAROW, but we’ll see!  What I can promise is that I will complete each section of this challenge!)

(You should consider taking part as well, I want to read what you have to say about these things!)

Day 01 → Your favourite writ­ing project/universe that you’ve worked with. 

Honestly?  My absolute favourite environment to write in was for a play-by-post role playing game called Forest of the Moon (FotM).  Inspiration for that game was taken from Neil Gaiman’s Stardust (not coincidentally, my introduction to our beloved Gaiman), so it will surprise (some of) you very little to learn that the story took place in Faerie.

It’s actually because of FotM (and Stardust) that I’ve become so smitten with Fae mythos.  This is the only occasion that I’ve taken to writing faeries – I’m usually strictly only a reader of fantasy – and it’s been so much fun.  The plotlines are endless, the themes from which to draw are innocent and naïve on the surface and dark and foreboding only one layer beneath, and there’s just so much wit and whimsy involved.  It feeds my soul.

Alas, because I am usually strictly only a read of fantasy, this has been my only foray into Faerie.  Perhaps my deceitful little Fae will make a strong comeback in my personal writing – there are avenues I’d love to explore in her backstory – but am thrilled to always have theForestof the Moon.

In terms of personal writing?  In the last year I’ve begun to play with a pair of characters who dabble on opposite ends of the same spectrum.  They, and their little universe, have become my favourites in my offline writing.

I feel like this subject can’t be concluded without a respectful shout-out to an old favourite.  There was a time, eons ago now, when I did tinker with the worlds of fantasy.  I created a character that I still hold dear.  I can’t write her worth a shit (mephy actually does an amazing job of writing her and has incorporated her into a storyline of his own), but she will always be on a high pedestal in my creative world.  (I love her.  I want to be her.)

Queen – Another One Bites the Dust


Review: Good Work(s) Bracelets

23 Jun

I recently made a fantastic discovery!

I was visiting a local (indie) shop that I adore, trying to find a thank-you gift for a friend.  I was failing pretty miserably, despite the local (indie) shop’s outstanding stock – nothing seemed right, y’know?  Well.  Nothing seemed right until I stumbled across the shop’s selection of Good Work(s) bracelets.

(Image @ Good Work(s))

Okay!  See what I’m talking about!?  How funky are these bracelets?

Very funky!  You can buy them in very nearly any colour your wonderful little heart desires, you can have them shiny and metallic, matte and classy, sprinkled with rhinestones, or chunky and hip.  What your heart desires, your heart can have.

Now here’s the actual selling point: Good Work(s) donates 25% of the sale of each piece of phenomenal jewellery to charity!  So not only do you get to rock this amazing bling, you’re doing some serious good while you’re at it.

Good Work(s)’s mission for 2012 is to “completely move in 20 homeless families to completely furnish homes in our, ‘Home Sweeter Home for the Homeless,’ campaign.”  Not too shabby!  Along with that, the company has: co-sponsored the Children’s Dream Awards, which recognizes outstanding accomplishments of children who made a difference in the world, joined Peace Wind Japan and Peace Wind America in order to help raise funds to aid the people of Japan during the devastation of the 2011 tsunami, helped the Good Shephard Shelter to educate and support domestically abused women and children (this was actually the charity the clerk at my local shop advised me of.  The prospect of thanking a friend while supporting this cause was the kick I needed to excitedly carry my first Good Work(s) bracelet up to the counter), and in May of 2011 Good Work(s) made prom possible for eighteen beautiful young women who would otherwise not have been able to experience being a princess for a night.  These events merely scratch the surface on the good that Good Work(s) has done so far.

Good Work(s) bracelets are my new favourite accessories.  I own one (and wear it every day.  Every.  Day.  I am, in fact, wearing it right now) and have picked a few others up as gifts.  I love them!  I love the inspiring words and phrases debossed on the bracelet, I love the colour selection, I love the way wearing my bracelet makes me feel like a total rockstar and I simply adore that my bracelet makes a difference.

But you don’t have to take my word for it. . . .

(Images @ Good Work(s))

I am not affiliated with Good Work(s) in any way.  I’m just a fan who thinks you should be one, too!

Nickelback – Rockstar


(Image @ your friendly neighbourhood vyxen. Rock ‘n’ roll!)