Relish12.17, 12.8, 12.19, 12.20 &12.21

27 Jan

Relish12 Day Seventeen: The Details…

Life is made up of the big moments and the little details. The big moments tend to stick in our memories but the details can fade away over time. Which little detail — something you saw… a look… a touch… a fleeting moment — from 2012 would you like to remember in the years to come?

The morning of December 1st, 2012. In that morning lives a tiny, fleeting moment that I will hold on to. Forever.


Relish12 Day Eighteen: Colour…

We are surrounded by it and yet its interpretation always remains individual. Sometimes we lack works to describe it, and that’s ok; it’s better when life is filled with MORE than we can distill and transmit, no? Think back on where you’ve been, what you’ve seen. Where in your year were you captured by color? Can you show it to us? What did it make you feel?

There was a perfect mid-Autumn day that held me in thrall.

It was the leaves. Sure, they crunched just right as I strode over them, tempting me to jump on them with the delight of a child, but it was their color that hit me. They were caught between gold and that brilliant Halo Space Marine orange that Bob loved so much. The color of the leaves that day, that Fall, reminded me of my friend.


Relish12 Day Nineteen: Art…

Some people think they aren’t creative, they’d certainly never call themselves “artistic”. Gasp! But I have always firmly believed that we each make ART in our lives, it just takes shapes and forms that might not come to mind right away. Maybe it’s a colorful, delicious omlet, or a perfectly lined lawn, or sand castles you never want to see wash away. What art did you make this year?

This year’s art all stands as personal triumphs. Most amusingly, I made Christmas ornaments for my mom and sister this year. (Sadly, no pictures.) I am not a crafty person by any stretch of anyone’s imagination, despite my collection of lofty Pinterest projects, but when the Second Annual Mom, Sisty and Vyx Ornament Exchange was being discussed, I had it in my head that creating my own ornaments was a great idea. It was. They certainly wouldn’t sell on the shelves of any store and they tested my patience, but they were fun and they’re special.

I also wrote a small series of pieces I am hugely proud of. They’re not amazing, but they are small pieces of something much, much bigger and were fun to write. More importantly, I sent them to my favourite victim critic and he didn’t hate them. He very kindly complimented the story so far and proceeded to offer advice for changes that would make for more clarity and ease of reading.

It’s been a good year for art.


Relish12 Day Twenty: Body map…

Imagine mapping your year on your body. What does your body hold from 2012? Where did your feet walk? What did your hands hold? What did you tuck gently into your heart?Capture this topography in some journalling or even in a poem. You might want to begin with a phrase like “These hands held…” or “This heart knows…”

These feet saw some miles. They were used on a successful mission to shed some extra pounds and gain some much needed perspective. The walking I did was calming and the in-line skating was nostalgic soul food.

These fingers tap, tap, tapped a few thousand new words. They wrote blog posts, reviewed books and films, and created new worlds.

These arms hugged many very important people. To hug a friend is my favourite way to say hello or bid fond farewell.

These lips have kissed. With these kisses I have shown passionate love to my Angel of Evil and fond affection to my favourite little people in the world.

These eyes . . . are cryin’. These eyes have seen a lotta loves, but they’re never gonna see another one like I had with you!


Relish12 Day Twenty One: Favourite photo…

There are few things on earth that can bring back memories, whole events, like a photograph can. Even blurry, faded, cracked and broken, these still records act like master keys to the visual parts of our brains and unlock the events in such a real way that we can slip back into them effortlessly. Even shots we weren’t present for can grant us that sense of participation that hearing stories third hand never can. Take a gander at the images you’ve made this year and, if you can, choose the one that means the most to you. Share it with us, if you’d like. Why that photo?

When she visited us this passed summer, my aunt snapped a photo of me and my mom. We were caught in a quick, easy embrace and sporting big grins. Never mind 2012, this will be one of my favourite photos of all time. One of those memories I never have to lose.

I love my mom. I love that this photo captured some of my awe of her.

Imelda May – Johnny Got A Boom Boom



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