Relish12.7 & Relish12.8

8 Dec

Relish12 Day Seven: Favourite read…

Before Twitter, before Instagram, yes, even before Facebook there were these things calls BOOKS. They were the best way we had for spreading ideas, information, and inspiration to the masses. Sure, today we have Youtube, but I’m holding out hope that books still play a role in your like (even if they are on your kindle!) What books did you read this year? Which were your favourites? Why did they mean so much to you?

Books this year, you say?

Well, I was lucky enough to read one of my all-time favourites for book club this year. That’s right! Neil Gaiman’s work of art, American Gods, has been challenged by schools and libraries. This one reads like chocolate tastes. It’s a rich, smooth lick-your-lips Love Potion #9.

But that wasn’t my favourite read this year. de Vries’s Missing Sarah was. Why is simple: it’s well written, it’s honest and it puts a human face onto the archetypes of drug addict and sex trade worker. Missing Sarah makes you put the stereotype away and see the person behind the lifestyle. It gives you insight into the reasons some folks have for living the way they live and doing the things they do. It makes you want to fight harder for their rights and safety.

I really do adore this book and I really do highly recommend it.

Relish12 Day Eight: Rest & replenish…

Whether we want to admit it or not, whether we give in or deny it, whether we listen, honour  & respect it or not, there is simply NO getting around the fact that part of our lives must include resting & replenishing. Try as we might to ignore, suppress, or push past our pause point, it will always be there, just waiting for us to accept it. In a society aimed so strictly at achievement it can be hard to stop long enough to refill our tanks. But when we sojourn on without that necessary fuel we are always treated to the truth of just how vital it is to our joy, our creativity, our attention, and our efforts in all we do. So, this year how well did you allow for resting and replenishing? Where, when and how did you fill up your tank? Can you show us an image of a restful spot that you loved this year?

Books & Co.(Image © Michael Rawluk)

I have two favourite resting spots: home and Books & Co.

At home I tend to get my lazy on. I pull on PJs, mix up some hot chocolate (or tea) and snuggle under a big squishy blanket with Netflix or a DVD. This is extreme R&R. This is what happens when I want to decompress and turn everything off.

The “fill up my tank” kind of replenishing usually includes some creativity. Now I can get my creative on at home, but it’s not always easy to ignore the siren song of dishes that need washing or cookies that are just itching to be baked. So, if I want to get down to it, I pack up my things and I go to my local indie coffeebar (and bookstore). Books & Co. (and it’s adjoining Café Voltaire) is sort of like Cheers, not everyone knows my name, but there’s always at least one person there who does. You can’t deny that there’s a lot of comfort in that.

So, I bid hearty hello to my friendly neighbourhood barista (and bookster), grab a chai tea latté and set up in a quiet corner. On a Saturday morning I’ll chat with some of my favourite regulars and on weekday evenings I enjoy a sparsely populated utopia. The best part? Even if I get nothing written, I still head home with a calmer heart and more organized thoughts.

Metric – Help I’m Alive (Accoustic)



2 Responses to “Relish12.7 & Relish12.8”

  1. melissa December 9, 2012 at 7:05 pm #

    I’ve had American Gods on my to-read bookshelf for YEARS. I need to read that one ASAP! Also: Metric. Excellent choice! Love all the Canadian music love on your blog!

    • Kim December 9, 2012 at 9:03 pm #

      Yes. AG – great book. Sometimes difficult to get into, but well worth the read!

      Hah! Thanks for the music shout-out. 🙂 I dig Metric and I really, really enjoy Arkells (especially On Paper, in any form). 🙂

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