Movie Review: The Amazing Spider-Man

29 Jul

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For her birthday, in March, Sisty received a two-tickets-some-sodas-and-a-popcorn coupon to catch a flick.  She asked me if I would go along and if I wouldn’t mind waiting a few months .   . so we could catch the Spiderman reboot.  Being a big fan of YFN Spideyman, I enthusiastically agreed!  Well, the film’s here and on Tuesday night Sisty and I took in The Amazing Spider-Man.


Folks, this is the Spiderman film I was waiting for!  This film showcased the quirky, sassy, fun Spiderman I used to love so much.  More than that, it better established the Peter Parker/Spiderman dynamic.

Now apparently there’s been a bit of hate circulating for this movie.  From what I’ve heard the biggest complaint is that there’s too much backstory in this film.  I have to disagree.  I know that’s only been ten years since Raimi told his version of the story, just as I know we’re all reasonably aware of the tale of how a geeky, not-so-noteworthy teenager became The Amazing Spider-Man.  But, if you’re going to start at the beginning again, you have to tell the story again.  I feel that this film did an outstanding job of that.  It may have taken some liberties that die-hard comic book fans didn’t love, but I dug the flow of this one – it fit.

(Image found @ Walking as Jesus Did)

When I learned that Dr. Curt Connors (The Lizard) was going to be The Big Bad in this film, I was decidedly less than thrilled.  I like Connors, I think he’s a great character, but I wasn’t convinced that he was a great nemesis for the first film of this reboot.  I was wrong.  His appearance was actually an interesting juxtaposition – Parker as the accidental superhero, and Connors as accidental villain.  That, and it gave Denis Leary some fantastic fuel for Godzilla jokes.  (On that note: “giant lizard” was appropriate, but “giant dinosaur,” guys?  Really?  Not so much. . . . )  Rhys Infans did a great, great job of the scientist-turned-lizard-turned-scientist.  He kept Connors’s humanity intact while making room for the darker, animalistic side that encourages Dr. Curt to wonder if maybe, just maybe, the human race could stand some enhancing.

Spiderman.  I’ve been waiting for this representation of the web-slinger for, oh I don’t know, ten years now?  I am 100% one of those people.  I did not enjoy the Raimi series – Tobey Maguire was just not the best choice for Peter Parker (…do not get me started on my Dunst thoughts).  Andrew Garfield, on the other hand?  Andrew Garfield rocked my world.  That guy is Peter Parker.  He, like the re-vamped storyline, fits.  (I’ve read that he’s not been signed to the next films in this series yet – could we keep our fingers crossed that Sony & Co. don’t fumble on this?  I would be sad to lose this kid.)

And let’s not go away from this without mentioning Gwen Stacy.  Now it’s really not a secret that I’m a fan of MJ – I have a soft spot for feisty redheads – but I’m super thrilled that Gwen was Parker’s leading lady in this film.  This choice brought a bit of canon back to this story and I think we need a bit of a MJ break right now.  Emma Stone (another love of mine – for many reasons, Zombieland among the top) did a brilliant job of portraying one of Marvel’s best and brightest.  As did the rest of the cast!  Denis Leary, Martin Sheen, Sally Field and Chris Zylka all did phenonemal jobs in their respecitve roles.

All in all?  I know haters gon’ hate, but I loved this movie!  THIS was the Spiderman I’ve wanted to see since I fell in love with the character in the ’90s.  This one.

So if you’re a comic book fan and you dig YFN Spiderman, you should see this film.  imho.

Ramones – Spiderman



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