Concert Review: John Mellencamp in Prince George, BC

18 Jun

Oh Prince George, you have outdone yourself once again!

I was fortunate enough to take in the John(ny Cougar) Mellencamp show in Prince George’s CN Centre this evening!

What a show!

It began with the Cowboy Junkies.  Now I was privy to the thoughts of the people around me who quoted the opening act as boring and just plain not all that great.  I completely disagree. The band may not have brought the upbeat danceable melodies Mellencamp was sure to carry, but they were outstanding!  Cowboy Junkies did not disappoint as a countrified blues rock band – I foresee buying in to their sound and predict a few summer nights around the campfire with Cowboy Junkies providing some pretty fabulous background tuneage.

And then there was John Mellencamp.

When the tickets to this show went on sale a few months back, I was stoked!  I grew up listening to classic rock and I married into a huge (new) appreciation of (and undying affection for) blues rock.  Mellencamp was no stranger to my dancing around the living room days (which are actually still pretty alive and well) – seeing him (and his amazing band) live and in concert was amazing!  His brand of “heartland rock” (a musical inclination which “emphasizes traditional instrumentation” (Wikipedia)) caters to my love of blues rock, folk music and the addition of traditionally not-rock instruments in a purely rock environment.  It’s stunningly musical – a testament to the art.

I’m serious folks, anyone who can rock (the fuck) out with a double bass, fiddle and accordion deserves nothing but my utmost respect.

From the acoustic version of Jack and Diane to the rocking house-party atmosphere of the Cherry Bomb finale – Mr. Cougar asked that the house lights be turned on for this number so that we could very easily rock with him – this will go down as one of my favourite concerts.  Of all time!  Our fair city has been mocked for its “rock retirement tour” events.  Again, I disagree.  Mellencamp, like KISS before him and Sir Elton John before them, proved that he can still rock as hard as ever and time has only refined his skills.

Rock on Prince George!  Thank you, Cowboy Junkies and John Mellencamp, for the amazing show.  And thank you, Prince George and all of your fantastic concert supporters and organizers, for being juggernauts of win!  You are so much fun to party with!

John Mellencamp – Hurt So Good



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