23 Oct

I had a visit to my blog today based on a search for Janzhaus German Shepherds.  In my fantasy world, these folks were looking for testimonials to help them make a puppy decision.  Taking that into account and pairing it with The Awesome that is Ayla, I bring you:

Ayla: Juggernaut of Win Part 2

It has been five months since we brought Little Miss Unholy Terror into our family.  Five months of adorableness, awe and mind-numbing frustration.  We love our puppy so big!  She’s amazing.

One of the first things we did as soon as we were able (after she was completely vaccinated) was take her to Puppy Obedience (with Noel Pepin – for those of you in the Prince George area looking for some serious dog training?  Look no further than Mr. Pepin.  He has our seal of approval all the way and has helped us learn so much).  She was an absolute gem.  Sure she’s headstrong, stubborn and altogether the most challenging dog I’ve ever worked with (there haven’t been many, but Ayla takes the cake), but it was so much fun and she came such a long way!  She picked up the sit, down, stand, wait, sit, watch me, and heel so quickly and loved to play with the other dogs on the agility course.

Sidenote: some parents in my life get irritated with me for this comparison, but I’m amazed at the parallel between raising children and dogs.  The structure they need, positive reinforcement, discipline, attention, socialization and all of the basic needs: food, shelter, and love.  The training is, basically, the same – except I think kids like chocolate chips and stickers as a reward more than liver treats and rawhide bones.

The second thing we did, concurrent with obedience and upon recommendation and invitation of Noel Pepin, was enlist Miss Ayla in Tracking 101.  That was fun!  It was so neat to see our little GSD doing what she was bred to do, what her ancestors have been doing since the inception of the GSD.  And man did that little mutt dominate!  She loves tracking and she’s getting to be a little phenom at it!

Along with the obedience training and tracking work, Ayla’s been on a few long road trips, always a dream in the car, and a great camping trip on which she showed us just how adaptable she is – she is an awesome camp dog!  She gets on great with other dogs, is pretty excited to lick the faces of grinning children (and even the not-so-grinning ones), loves to swim (in rivers, lakes, ponds and puddles), has learned to play fetch without problem, and is a great little cuddle bug.  The only habit I really have to work on with her?  She terrorizes people who come to my door!  This is not entirely problematic, ’cause we all love the idea of Crazy Dog snarling at the visiting salespeople, but she just doesn’t give it a rest.  But, it’s trainable behaviour and she’s a brilliant dog – it’ll come.

I think I’ve spelled it out, but I’ll say it straight out: if you’re looking for another testimonial on Janzhaus German Shepherds, from someone 100% not affiliated with Jan and her dogs in any capacity other than having adopted one, you’ve found it.  I can’t recommend this breeder enough.  mephy and I will be bringing another GSD fuzzhead into our family and when we do we will be contacting Jan for another of her amazing dogs.  (As an added bonus: Jan and her husband are such a joy to deal with.  They are a wealth of knowledge and so eager to help you have the best possible new-puppy experience!)

Ayla: Juggernaut of Win Part 1

Metallica – Whiskey in the Jar


4 Responses to “Fuzzhead.”

  1. xnrsmommy October 24, 2011 at 8:47 am #

    I completely agree on the dog/children similar rearing needed comment. And since I am a mom & a owner of 2 awesome fuzzheads 🙂 I qualify that statement ❤
    You speak so highly of Jan it makes me wish I was in PG! Well it doesn't help that it means I would be near the wicked awesomeness that is the Kim – buy yeah…

    • vyxen October 25, 2011 at 8:50 pm #

      Jan is in Sylvan Lake, AB – also not a help to you, but hey. 😉

      I wish you were in PG, too. Maybe someday. OR! I will be where YOU live for a visit. 🙂 Yes! Either way. 🙂

  2. Becca November 12, 2011 at 4:53 pm #

    OMG…. she’s SO cute! Sounds like she’s very smart. What a great family dog. And you’re gonna be a great mommy some day, too 🙂

    • vyxen November 12, 2011 at 5:04 pm #

      LOL! Thanks Sugar! 🙂 She’s an awesome pup – we’re so smitten, and so lucky to have her.

      She’s all the kid I need! 😛 Hehe. 🙂

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