Seven Random Things About Me!

14 Aug

So Kendra didn’t officially tag me in this trend, but it was round-about enough to include me (because I do read her blog).

(This also reminds me that I owe you folks another 25 things (you don’t care) about me – I’ll get there.)

And yes, this is sort of a cop-out.  I was away this weekend and we’ve been super busy with dog classes (obedience and Tracking 101) three nights a week.  I’ll get back to some more poignant posting soon-ish, I hope.  (Autumn‘s inspiring me to strongly desire to change the way I blog and get back to things a bit more worth reading.)

Without further ado:

7) I love Britney Spears.  She’s the musical equivalent of cotton candy: light, fluffy, no nutritional value, and super fun.

6) I am beginning new research projects!  I’m not going to let you in on the secret, but I will tell you that this project (if it gets off the ground) will be composed of at least three of my favourite obsessions!  (Hint: one of these obsessions is Supernatural.)

5) I (often) read the end of the book when I’m in the middle of it.  I have to know certain things.  I don’t care if I ruin the “surprise.”  Case in point: I just spent five minutes reading the S6 episode guide for Supernatural (not a book, I’m aware) to find out what I’ve been missing – I am behind and still have four episodes left.  (I have to tell you, I’m way more psyched about finishing the season now – thanks for PVRing, Mom!)

4) I like Twitter more than I like Facebook.  It’s true.  There’s less bullshit on Twitter.

3) I like knives more than I like jewellery.

2) I am a junkfood-a-holic.  Hawkins Cheezies in particular.  And I’m much more a savoury snacks gal than sweets.  I will take chips over chocolate any day of the week.

1) Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer are going to be in Vancouver in November.  I need to go or I will explode.  (That happens to me sometimes.)  Need I say more?

In a nutshell!

David Guetta feat. Akon – Sexy Chick (I hate radio edits.  FML.)





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