KISS in Prince George! Rock ‘n’ Roll Heaven.

1 Jul

I wanted the best and I got the best!

THE Hottest Band in the World. . . .


That’s right folks, I was lucky enough to experience my Holy Grail of rock concerts again on Friday night!  When mephy and I saw the fellahs in Vancouver in the Fall of ’09 I thought I had died and gone to Rock ‘N’ Roll Heaven – I had never expected to see KISS in concert.

I had certainly never expected to see KISS in concert in Our Northern Capital.

There were those who said it wasn’t going to be any good, that Prince George’s CN Centre wouldn’t be able to handle a show of epic proportions, that the sound would be terrible, and there were those who said that Gene and Paul were skipping out and sending a cover band in their stead.


Not surprisingly, they were wrong.  The show was outstanding!  KISS brought their A-game and treated the small(ish) Canadian city like they would any other venue.  Of course, the Prince George audience WOWed the band.  We always do.  We don’t always get to see the musical elite; when we do, we’re very thankful, very appreciative and very excited!

The show was intimate.  It was comfortable.  It was like a house-party (with 4998 of my closest personal friends in attendance).  Well, it was like a house-party if you have confetti cannons, flame-throwers, fireworks and invite a blood-spewing creature of the night who wears seven-inch leather heels.  The Starchild touched on this when he mentioned that the farther North the band goes, the shorter the buildings get and the more sky you can see, the more comfortable the experience.  It’s like playing for friends and family.  Again I say, Prince George really appreciates a good show and we’re very welcoming.

In fact.  We’re so welcoming that we encouraged Mr. PG to get into the action!



What I’m trying to say is: KISS is freaking amazing and the show they put on in Prince George did not disappoint!  So.  To the outstandingly talented and gracious men of KISS – thank you.  We appreciated the visit and hope we made you feel at home during your visit.  We’d love to have you again – give us a call any time!  And to the phenoms of 94X – thank you for keeping the enthusiasm up, for being so stoked about the show and for being completely unafraid of calling BS on the naysayers.  Rock radio rules!  Perhaps most importantly, to my fellow concert attendees – thank you for rocking hardYou made the show.


KISS – God of Thunder (Country Version)

Before I sign off, I’m going to share something with you.  Those of you connected with me via Facebook are very familiar with this now, but to the rest of you I present The Twenty Days of KISS!  (From June 9th until the 29th I edited KISS song lyrics to fit my Facebook status.  It was a blast and I feel it should be shared!)


…is hot. She has rock ‘n’ roll pneumonia. If someone could please call Dr. Love that would be great. (Calling Dr. Love)

…will let you walk the street beside her, but when she wants she’ll pass you by. (Strutter)

…likes your seven inch leather heels and going to all of the shows. And yes, she loves you. She really loves you. (Do You Love Me?)

…thinks she’s high fashion. She thinks she looks divine. (It helps that that’s what you keep telling her. You tell her all the time.) (Two Timer)

…says “go baby, you make me feel ah, ah, ah, ah yeah! Oh, baby, you make me feel ah, ah, ah, ah yeah!” (Take Me)

…wants the same thing every day. Teach her love a different way. She’ll learn to love you and your sweet pain. (Though she’s sure your love will drive her insane.) (Sweet Pain)

…has been waiting here to be your guide. So come, reveal the secrets that you keep inside. (Psycho Circus)

…is hot, hot, hotter than hell. You know she’s gonna leave you well done. Hot, hot, hotter than hell. She’ll burn you like the midday sun. (Hotter Than Hell)

…will adore you and she’ll floor you with her wisdom and her vision, and you’ll love it and think of it ‘til you lose all intuition. (Firehouse)

…is feelin’ low, no place to go, and she’s a-thinking that she’s gonna scream! (Room Service)

…has got to get up! Everybody’s gonna move their feet. Get down! Everybody’s gonna leave their seat! You gotta lose your mind in Prince George Rock City! (Detroit Rock City)

…looks at you and her blood boils hot, she feels her temperature rise. She wants it all, give her what you got, there’s hunger in your eyes. (Heaven’s On Fire)

…will take you anywhere you want just as fast as she can. (Let Me Know)

…has been broken down, but not defeated. She kept on punching back ‘til she succeeded. (We all need to be somebody, now.) (Raise Your Glasses)

…will always be there trying to grab a hold. She thought she knew you, but she didn’t know that you were sad and wanted her to go. (Parasite)

…doesn’t want to wait ‘til you know her better. Let’s just be glad for the time together. Life’s such a treat and it’s time you taste it, there ain’t a reason on earth to waste it. It ain’t a crime to be good to yourself. (Lick It Up)

…is a dancer, a romancer. You’re a Capricorn and she’s a Cancer. She saw your picture in a music magazine; when she met you, she said she’d get you. (C’mon and Love Me)

…is sorry to have taken so long. It must have been a bitch while she was gone. You mind if she sits down for a while? You’ll reacquaint yourself with her style. (100,000 Years)

…won’t let ‘em tell her that there’s too much noise, they’re too old to really understand! She’ll still get rowdy with the girls and boys, ‘cause it’s time for her to take a stand . . . and SHOUT IT OUT LOUD! (Shout It Out Loud)

…wants to give it all to you. In the darkness there’s so much she wants to do and to(morrow) night she wants to lay it at your feet ‘cause boy, she was made for lovin’ you and boy, you were made for lovin’ her. (I Was Made For Loving You)

…wanted the best and she got the best! THE hottest band in the world . . . KISS!


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