I think this line’s mostly filler.

9 Jan

School update!

I have to tell you, folks, it is strange to be in classes again.  My most important observation so far: I am old.  I am taking strictly first year classes and, thus, surrounded by eighteen-year-olds.  It’s actually kind of intimidating.  These kids, for the most part, are fresh outta high school and while I’ve been out of school for five years, I’ve been out of high school for ten.  Ten!

However!  I (already) have a degree. Beat that, eighteen-year-old!  (It’s true, I am 28, but I like to act my shoe size – which, if you’re curious, is eight, eight-and-a-half if I’m feeling particularly fat-footed.)  That, and I’m (mostly) doing this as an experiment.  I want to know if pursuing a business degree is an acceptable way to waste use my time, and I want to reaffirm that I am still capable of “higher learning.”

So far?  So good.   I did have to break it to mephy that I intend to drop my math course.  While I was sitting at Timmy-Ho’s working on my assignment after class yesterday morning I was reminded of Grade 12 Physics .  In that (terrible, horrible, no good, very bad) class I was assigned homework that I worked on for hours, only to be more confused (and frustrated) than I was when I began.  I did then what I intend to do now, I said g’bye.  I love a challenge, but I also know my limits.  If this is to be an experiment, I’d like to enjoy it.  If I pursue the degree, I’ll bone up on my math and take the course after I’ve adequately prepared for it.  Leaving this class behind (for now) will give me more time with mephy, more time to write, more time to read for my other (three) classes and more time for extra hours at work.

An observation of lesser importance, but more interest?  Professors are people, too.  When I began my post-secondary education ten years ago, professors were less actual people and more sovereigns.  Now that I’ve been out of school for a few (five) years and have had a lot of opportunity to forge actual relationships with so many people of differing backgrounds (and education levels) – and now that I know quite a number of teachers – I understand that there are people behind the supreme overlord.  I am no longer daunted by these men and women.  I respect the heck out of them, but they are just people who have trained for a particular job.  This is a simple understanding, I realize, but it’s striking all the same.

School is interesting.  So far, beyond my math woes, I am enjoying it.  I expect that might change as I come closer to midterms and, then, final exams, but it’s fun to sit and just absorb knowledge.  It is especially fun to sit and absorb relevant knowledge.

So I meant to take one of WP’s prompt ideas and go, but this took up more time and space than I had thought.  I’m hoping to get two posts in next week!  (Also!  Watch for me on K’s site!  I have a guest post 98% finished for her.)

Danko Jones – Active Volcanoes


Wordcount: I’m afraid it hasn’t changed.  I blogged and then blogged again, but otherwise I’ve been too busy with work, school and home life to actually make time to sit and write.  Well, that and a friend lent me season one of Gilmore Girls and I’m mildly addicted to watching it every spare moment I have.


4 Responses to “I think this line’s mostly filler.”

  1. Ingrid January 10, 2011 at 8:59 pm #

    I absolutely love your writing style! Best of luck with school, too.

    • vyxen January 10, 2011 at 9:50 pm #

      Awh! Thank you so much – on both counts! 🙂

  2. Carolina Valdez Miller January 16, 2011 at 2:42 pm #

    First, beautiful writing…

    Also, congrats on going back to school! Takes guts to do something like that. Totally different experience to do it when your older, too (I know because I did it, too.) It also takes some wisdom to know when to quit. So kudos, my dear. Seems to me you are well beyond our shoe size 😉

    Good luck with things as school progresses. I hope you find some time to get some writing in!

    • vyxen January 16, 2011 at 5:08 pm #

      Oh hey! Thank you. 🙂

      I dig the experience now that I’m a bit older – it does seem like a lot more work than it did five years ago, though!

      Again, thank you – so lovely to have you stop by! 🙂

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