Bring it.

31 Dec

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All right.  So!  I had a blog of a different breed planned out for today, but I have decided to squash it.  It was negative.

Turns out?  2010 was not my favourite year.  It had its amazing ups (new house, new ink, new nieces, new honourary nephew and I finally married mephy) and what made it well worth the experience was what I learned about myself, but I dealt with a lot of shit this year.  I’m pretty excited to be able to put it behind me.

(Side bar: isn’t it weird how a new year can be a whole new chapter?  It’s just another day.  Next year is tomorrow.  Makes you stop and think about one bad day, doesn’t it?  It generally does look better in the morning – or the morning after that, in some cases.  Yes guys, the glass is half full . . . unless it’s full of rum, then it’s generally pretty close to empty.)

So.  I decided that it was better to reflect upon the good and thumb my nose at the rest of it.  It’s not worth dwelling on.  Negativity is fun when it sparks my temper, but it really just isn’t worth the trouble.  (Or the headache.)

Here’s the thing, 2011 has become less a new calendar year and more a promise.  I’ve made strides this year.  I’ve learned more about myself.  Despite Janis‘s wisdom, I compromised myself, but you can’t really move forward until you make a mistake (“learning opportunity”).  I’m beginning to understand what I want from life and I have better plans to aid in my success.

I said last year that I will ignore resolutions based solely on their title.  Fuck that.  That’s fear of commitment.  Here it is.

  • I will have a dog by the close of 2011.
  • With my student fees comes a “free” gym membership.  I’ve been doing a lot of talk for a lot of years about getting into shape, losing the weight that makes me cringe when a see a mirror, and getting healthy and I’m going to start this year.  I have a gym buddy lined up and, if nothing else, this facility has a fantastic indoor track that I can spend a lot of winter days and nights walking before I am able to get back outside.  (The pup will help with this.  I can’t wait to have a walking buddy!)
  • I have one small project to finish for a friend and then I am going to work on something big.  Something personal.  Something I am really excited about.  I want it mostly finished (or, hey, completed would be bitchin’) by the time I write my “Welcome to 2012” blog.
  • I’m not compromising myself anymore.

Best wishes to you all in 2011, folks.  Make it your bitch.

KISS – I Love It Loud


PS. (It’s 2011 now, but I don’t want to write a whole new blog for one little note that you cats don’t even really need to read.)  I was threading (you can’t see where.  It’s a secret.  But!  The board is fucking awesome and you should all join.  Now.  Go!) with a friend.  We were chatting about a “Keeping Ourselves Honest” thread as it pertains to admitting to what we had (and had not) written – lengths and word counts and such.  So!  I think that, in addition to my awesome musical advertising, I shall include some “this is what I have/have not written” information for you.  ‘Cause there’s nothing like obligation and guilt to keep me on track!

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