Of cloudless climes and starry skies.

23 Jul

Tonight, tonight!

I just got home from a fantastic Friday night at Café Voltaire.  Man, oh man!  Amazing.

You may, given my elation, have guessed that we were treated to another performance by the ever esteemed and always phenomenal Kevin Hutchings, who is an absolute inspiration to me.  Tonight was especially fantastic, though, as Kevin invited his wonderfully talented daughter Sahra Featherstone to take the stage with him.

Let me take this opportunity to explain something to you.  I’ve said before that Kevin is a brilliant person, a gifted teacher, and an impassioned artist.  I’ve told you that I, effectively, stalked him while pursuing my BA in English Literature and took as many courses UNBC offered with Kevin at the helm.  I’ve also told you that I think he’s a gifted performer.  But, until now, he’s been described as something more akin to a statue atop a pedestal.  I need you to understand just how neat I think Kevin is.  See?  When I started working at Books & Co. I happened to be lucky enough to score a Friday night shift which happened to be my first out-of-the-classroom interaction with The Professor.  After the (amazing) show, which was, coincidentally, another event featuring Sahra, as I was tidying the café Kevin came up to say hello – I hadn’t spoken with him since I’d graduated, in and around two years prior.  He smiled as we made idle chit-chat and waved Sahra over, keen to introduce her to one of his former students.  Not only did he introduce her to someone he remembered sitting in the back row of his Romanticism classes, but he gave her my full name.  (Background: I am not an outgoing person and I never spoke in class.  I listened, I wrote essays and I completed exams.  Kevin should not have been able to recall my first name, let alone my last.)  See, he’s a great professor, a fantastic performer, and an enthusiastic scholar, but he’s also an amazing person.  Kevin Hutchings is one of those people who makes an impact in your life.  He is one of those people you feel truly blessed to know.



You should have felt tonight!  The music was great, the crowd was chipper (it was a beautiful day, it is Friday and great music abounded, there’s nothing to be un-chipper about), and the wonderful café gals were slinging stunning lattés.  The electricity on stage was something else.  After Kevin and Sahra played a few tunes together, they invited our favourite Artistic Director Eric Tompkins aboard.  The smiles.  It was the smiles that made the evening for me.  Sahra and Kevin, clearly, love to have the opportunity to play together.  It is something pretty amazing to be able to witness.  Eric, too.  They all share such a mutual respect and admiration for each other and have such fun in what they do it’s just an absolute joy to watch.

A joy.

This was, perhaps, best personified by the little blond toddling critter to the right of the stage, by the bookshop counter, who was just a’ grinning, and be-boppin’, by the end of the show.  He was having a blast.

The mood was light.  The music was wonderful and heart felt.  The performers are amazing people.  The crowd was properly appreciative.  All in all, it was a wildly successful Friday night in Café Voltaire.

Johnny Cash – A Boy Named Sue



3 Responses to “Of cloudless climes and starry skies.”

  1. C July 23, 2010 at 11:41 pm #

    Loooooooooved it tonight!!

    And you're just a poppin' out the blogs lately! Good on you, I love them!

    • vyxen July 24, 2010 at 8:08 am #

      I’m trying! I have to practice writing for the 3-Day Novel Contest and I love to blog! It’s a match made in Heaven, imo. 🙂

      Thanks C! 🙂


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