A. Warren Johnson: Life in Kim Minor

17 Jun

Hello dear readers!

I have decided to hi-jack this blog in order to bring you into the secret world that is Kim Greer. For those of you which are familiar with this blog, you have probably noticed how story-like these works are.

However, most people do not know Kim is in everyday life. She is inspiring. A noble sort who is always collected and ever searching. her writing is much more open and free, while at the same time maintaining a characters point of view, thus giving a narrative to life itself.

Her and this blog are essentially one. She does wear her writing on her sleeve. Very much like a tattoo explaining the human condition. Needless to say she is an amazing friend.

After much prodding and annoyance (mostly over the course of the last three years) I have attempted to get her to compile a book based on her blog. Without avail, I have failed so far. “No, no. A book should be just that, a book. Not the works of a blog fueled by procrastination.” This point alone is the only thing that I would have to disagree with her on. Most books are written and inspired by procrastination, after all, if none of us pondered anything at all for a while, would anything in the world get done? I think not, and now shall digress.

Kim and I worked together many, many moons ago. It was a magical time at the dirty bird (the restaurant where we had the pleasure of meeting each other and developing our friendship). Our usual line-up of line cooks consisted of myself, Kim, an accident-prone-lovable-loof named Shaun and the half deaf homosexual, Adam.

We had the worst boss ever, yet every shift always felt like a new adventure. This is what probably prompted such terrible jokes such as, “Did you here about the soup that wanted to be a sub?” Sadly however, those days came to an end once I decided to walk out, then fired the next day by our tyrant Rae.

Thus began our new adventure! Life without the dirty bird. Sadly too were these days short lived, as I keep going back to finance my living expenses, and Kim, well Kim was smart enough to stay away. Although we no longer work together in the trenches of grease and salad, we still work together on such matters of writing and editing. Something we both aspire to be, yet always seem to fall short. None the less, it is still a great adventure!

A. Warren Johnson

The Birthday Massacre – The Neverending Story

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One Response to “A. Warren Johnson: Life in Kim Minor”

  1. What do I do to get him back June 28, 2010 at 1:27 am #

    This is one of the most important article I ever read in a long time, I’m talking about this section of your post “… together on such matters of writing and editing. Something we both aspire to be, yet always seem to …” it also made me think about the day I ran into my husband.

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