Writers’ Symposium: Ed Zaruk and Vivien Lougheed

7 Jun

Last Wednesday (June 2nd) we, at Books & Co., had the honour of hosting local area authors Ed Zaruk and Vivien Lougheed.  They had been invited to speak about their respective writing, and publishing, processes and boy they came in with guns blazing.

We began the evening with a chat from the wildly talented and fabulous Vivien Lougheed, Mistress of the travel memoir.  Vivien took the forum with a bit of nervous energy that, very quickly, dissolved as she began to speak about the publishing process.  She was kind enough to educate our audience about the difference between self-publishing and commercial publishing (through an established house), and made sure to relate all of the information she gave out back to her personal evolution in dealing with both the world of self-publishing as well as the business of contracts with reputable publishing houses and companies.

Ed charmed the crowd with his own tales of publishing, from his small pile of rejected queries to his final decision to self-publish.  He expanded on self-publishing with insights into personal marketing to build on readership and the understanding that it is foolish to write to become rich.  Ed is possessed of an incredible passion for the art of writing and while he does enjoy that he can make a few dollars from the sales of his book, it would seem that his final goal is to help those of us who are as interested in writing as he is and that we realize that the writing itself is the most valuable part of the business of authorship.

We, my co-organizers and I, were apprehensive that we may be the only people in attendance.  We were (very) pleasantly surprised when, at last count, we were surrounded by thirty-two of our inspired peers!

Overall, this was a hugely successful venture and will, hopefully, be the first of many of its kind.  We have had suggestions for children’s book authors and storytellers, as well as Sci-Fi and Fantasy!  The world, my friends, is our oyster.

A huge thank you to all who attended, without your passion and interest this would not have been possible.  Vivien and Ed, I cannot thank you enough for your knowledge, enthusiasm and agreement to give us several hours of your day, free of charge, to speak about writing.  Last, but certainly not least, a shout out and thank you to (the happiest place on Earth) Books & Company and my coworkers who hosted the event, and guided me through and helped me with my first bookstore event!  You are all amazing people.

Montell Jordan – Get It On Tonite


(PS. For those of you who missed the CBC radio interview I did for the Banned Book Club, here’s a video of my interview with CKPG for the news.  Lame.)

3 Responses to “Writers’ Symposium: Ed Zaruk and Vivien Lougheed”

  1. Cindy June 7, 2010 at 4:54 pm #

    Thanks for organizing the Writers’ Symposium. I’m sorry I had to miss it. Hopefully, there’s a next time.

    • vyxen June 7, 2010 at 5:55 pm #

      If I have anything, at all, to say about it, Cindy, there will definitely be a next time! 🙂

      • vyxen June 7, 2010 at 5:56 pm #

        AND I would LOVE to see you there. 🙂 I’ll make sure you have a lot of notice. 🙂

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