7 Jun

So, as usual, I was reading K’s blog and was inspired to act!

Check this one out.

You ought to know how I am about surveys by now!  Let’s do it.  (Less the bitchin’ pictures because, let’s face it, I am not that way inclined.  Not at all.  More’s the pity, imo.)

1. Favourite hobby?
Reading.  For sure reading.  You can’t beat the ability to do something that takes you so far away from home without making you leave the (huge) comfort of your own bed/couch/chair.  AND you can do it with tea.

2. Favourite TV show?
Criminal Minds.  Without a shadow of a doubt.  Because I was a closet sociopath.

3. Favourite restaurant food?
That 100% depends on the restaurant.  At Cimo it’s always the portabella tagliolini.  At Thanh Vu it’s the cashew tofu.  And at Earls I have to have the grilled chicken and baked Brie ciabatta.

4. Favourite thing to shop for?
That is 50/50.  I love to shop for blank books (journals) as much as I love to shop for pens!  (You should see how many of each I have.  It’s sick.)

5. Favourite animal?
Fox.  (Shocker, I know.)

6. Favourite song?
Pachelbel’s Canon in D Major.

7. Favourite word?


8. Recent favourite YouTube video?
Pitbull – Hotel Room Serivce.  Srsly!  LOOK at that woman!

9. Favourite movie?
I’d like to be poignant here, but I have to say Hackers.  Runners up include (but are not limited to): The Last Unicorn, Mirrormask, KISS Meets the Phantom of the Park, Tombstone, Pump Up the Volume, and Army of Darkness.

10. Favourite childhood memory?
Right now?  Trips to Ontario to visit with family.  To start, it took us four days to drive out there (and then back), so you have mad immediate family bonding time, and then once we arrived it was all about getting to know aunts, uncles and cousins all over again.  Add to that the dogs, horses and cats at my Uncle B and Aunty F’s place and you pretty much have Heaven.

Have att’er kids!

Daddy Yankee feat. Pitbull and Lil’ John – Gasolina



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