The Rose Beyond The Wall.

1 Jun

I lost a friend this weekend.

She was an exquisite example of humanity.  Breathtaking inside and out.  She was a woman who lived for her amazing family; possessed of such radiant love for her wonderful husband and charming wee ones.  A woman who had fantastic taste in books, television, restaurants and bookstores.

(It is bothering me to write about her in the past tense.)

In and around five years ago, when I’d gone back to Red Robin to serve (after taking a semester’s worth of time off from the kitchen to finish my degree) I met Char and her family.  I don’t know when, or how, it happened, but I was on shift one evening or afternoon and lucked out with a table of (then) four (and a half – one baby was still baking).  (I’ve thanked my lucky stars for that first day numerous times since.)  That day was the tip of the iceberg.  After I was introduced to the G-family, nothing would be the same!  Whenever they were in, my table or not, I always passed by for a chat, or six, and was always enthralled with the stories the kids brought with them (you’ve never met a more wildly creative crew of kidlings), and the inventions Ton brought to share (the fork dragons will always be my favourites)!  This family embodied family.  They were so supportive of each other, so encouraging, and so in love.

After a bit, I left Red Robin.  I left for great reasons, but I knew I would miss my regulars; especially the G-family (five by the time I left).  You can imagine my joy the first day they came into Books & Co. just after I’d started there and assured me that they were very regular customers there!  I was thrilled.  I think I went home and gushed to mephy.

(You mean so much to me, folks.)

It was at Books & Co. where they, all of them, went from being my favourite customers to friends.  I learned so much more about the amazing person Char is.  We shared a love of Urban Fantasy and Firefly.  Heh, we also shared a love of her children.  I learned a lot about love and life from Char.

Life and love radiated from Char.  Her eyes were always so happy and bright, her smile was mischievous and wise, and her presence lit every room she entered.

I may never see you at the store again, Lady, but I will never forget you.  Thank you for entering my life and sharing your warmth with me.  Thank you G-family for sharing your wife and mother with the world and never letting us forget what an amazing person she was, is and forever will be.

Rest well, Char.

I’ll let you know how the story ends.

(For those of you who know Char and the G-family, her memorial service will be Saturday June 5, 2010 at 1100h at the Sacred Heart Cathedral in PG.)


One Response to “The Rose Beyond The Wall.”

  1. Jill June 1, 2010 at 9:41 am #

    Fantastic woman, fantastic mother, what a loss for all. She will live on in the wonderful children she has created.

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