a Wink and a Smile

6 Mar

The lovely ladies of the PG Burlesque circuit hosted a fund raiser, this evening.

It was a celebration of femininity, an encouragement of confidence, and an endorsement of the undeniable sexual appeal of the human psyche.

a Wink and a Smile

I had my crash course introduction to an alluring new world, tonight, and it was phenomenal!  The film, a documentary, followed the evolution of a group of “every day, normal” women as they worked their ways through Burlesque 101 with the sassy Miss Indigo Blue in her esteemed Academy of Burlesque.

I am finding it difficult to put into words my reaction to this evening’s treat.  I will tell you, though, that it left me absolutely jazzed, rocking out, and singing at the top of my lungs (in the safety of my car, of course).  I knew, through clips of acts I had stumbled upon on and tidbits I’d read, that Burlesque wasn’t about the act of “stripping,” or even the near-nudity of the performers, but rather an acceptance and love of who, and what, you are.  In order to satirize something, you have to understand it fully.  If it is yourself that you endeavour to expose through satire, than you had better open a dusty can of worms and unlock the deepest parts of yourself.

Now I know that my psychological state will not allow me to step into this (new) world just yet, but wow! is it attractive.  To be able to lay it all out on the line and not care what others think all because you are so empowered and so confident?  That.  That is amazing.  I respected the women who performed before this evening, and I am now in utter awe of them.  And I’m just lucky enough to have tickets to watch the Foxy FogTown Folly gals live and in person next weekend!  Round two of your snarky neighbourhood vyx’s foray into the world of Burlesque.

Ladies?  You’re amazing.  Don’t stop a’ rockin’.

Tata Young – Sexy, Naughty, Bitchy



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