Kevin Hutchings hath thee in thrall!

28 Nov

I have to begin this with a disclaimer: I am 100% biased.

I just got home from a night of music at Café Voltaire.  Tonight’s show?  (Esteemed UNBC professor) Kevin Hutchings.

Kevin and I have a bit of history.  I’ll give you a quick run down.  I took a BA in English from UNBC, finished that a few years back, and took absolutely every class I could with Kevin.  The man, aside from being astoundingly brilliant, is a gifted teacher.  The passion he holds for what he loves is impossible to miss and makes class a joy.  Now, just about two years ago – very shortly after I started working at Books & Co. – I had a shift during a Friday night show at the café wherein Kevin and his daughter Sahra rocked the stage.  My life was changed.

Fast forward.

Tonight’s show was not only something of a release party for Kevin’s most recent CD (On The Bridge You Were Burning), but also a fundraising event for United Way.  Folks?  It was amazing.  I spent the better part of the night, while thoroughly enjoying the tunes, trying to conceive of how to relay to you, here, just how this evening progressed.  I realized, as I opened this screen, that I would be completely unable to do that adequately.  You’ll have to use your imagination.  Or, if you’re local, you’ll have to take in his next show – if you’re not local, have a listen to some of his music; you won’t be disappointed.

Our dear professor sat, relaxed, at the back of the café.  He crooned melodies penned in partnership by himself and (the Romantic Era’s rock star) George Gordon Lord Byron.  He lauded his love for his (also amazingly talented and brilliant) wife, Lisa Dickson, and celebrated her in the dedication of this latest album.  He recognized his “favourite” students in the audience!  He invited the skilled Eric Tompkins on stage to jam with him.  And he concluded his performance by describing, with his best Scotch flare, a certain tilt in his kilt inspired by his lady love.

It would be impossible to beat the atmosphere tonight.  The café and bookstore, both, were packed.  People were milling about browsing, sitting with friends and family chit-chatting, or avidly watching the show.  There was a buzz in the air.  Happy conversation, joyous laughter, and a general feeling of “TGIF!”  Excited relaxation.

Not only was this just another show of the impressive calibre of musical talent in Prince George (and, oh, was it ever that), but a show of the generosity of this city.  During the Christmas season, in the middle of a recession, and at the beginning of a weekend Kevin managed to reach an awesome total of $726 for the United Way between the tips from his audience, his meager performer’s “wage” and the toonies he and Lisa donated from the sales all CDs purchased.

My all time favourite professor.  My all time favourite place in the world.  (I am lucky enough to be paid to hang out there!)  And?  I had a London Fog and a cookie.  A night can’t get much better than that.

Thanks, again, Kevin!  It was an amazing show and a fantastic night!

Kevin Hutchings – La Belle Dame Sans Merci



5 Responses to “Kevin Hutchings hath thee in thrall!”

  1. C November 28, 2009 at 1:30 am #

    It was amazing and I loved the “tilt in the kilt” portion. Emily had to ask “is he talking about what I think he’s talking about?” Too cute!

    Also? Lisa is in my hiphop class! Totally didn’t know that she was his wife!

  2. Simon L. November 28, 2009 at 7:41 am #

    It’s hard to beat a good live show, innit? Especially when you know and like the performer, and the audience is clearly of the same mind. Add charity in and the whole thing’s just… better.

    Sounds like a great evening. I shall now go click through to find out what this fella’s all about.

  3. vyxen November 28, 2009 at 10:04 am #

    C – That is pretty badass. Lisa’s awesome. I suspect hip hop dance with her would be amusing. 🙂

    Simon – Oh yes. Live tuneage is pretty amazing. I need to take in a great deal more of it than I have been, lately. And with Kevin you will not be disappointed, heh, especially if you’re a fan of the Romantic Era of writing. 🙂


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