Survey says!

17 Oct

This whole book review thing is plaguing me.

On one hand, I have the memory of the Breaking Dawn fiasco.  I came, I wrote, I was disgusted by myself.  That, and I (effectively) broke a promise to my boss, who I have a great deal of admiration for.  I disappointed me.  On the other hand, I have intrigue and a wee bit of a competitive nature (inherited from my dad – much like my temper!  Thanks Dad!).

So!  I’ve been researching.  I don’t know the first thing about writing book reviews.  I suspect that, really, it all comes down to reading a book and then writing your reaction to, and feelings about it.  Of course there is room to be as objective, or subjective as you’d like, depending on the circumstance.  I feel that I am at liberty to say anything I would like here.  This is my little corner of the intrawebz.  For the company, however, I figure I’d have to write with a bit more professionalism (while, naturally, retaining the essence of the vyx – some things just can’t be ignored, or stifled).

The research has been interesting.  Some fancy tidbits out there.  And?  Reading reviews is helpful.  I think I’ll do it.  /Nod.  I’ll try, anyway.  I’m about to embark on a notorious (in my workplace, at least) series of books (for those of you keeping score, the first in the series is Stray by Rachel Vincent).  This, I think, should do for a practice run.  Maybe I’ll work up to BD and be ready with it in time for the flick (oh.  Or the PB).

So kids.  Let me know!  What should be included (or excluded, for that matter) in a book review?

Metric – Gimme Sympathy


PS.  If you remember the greatness that was PoEin15m, you must check out Tin15m!  (Rly.  So much love.)


4 Responses to “Survey says!”

  1. missyjo October 17, 2009 at 10:12 pm #

    I think honestly the only thing you should leave out of a review is outright saying “this book is crap! Don’t waste your money!!”, because (in my opinion) if it’s crap, and you’re intelligent enough to think so and write a review about it, you’re intelligent enough to use better words than that and explain to us WHY you think it’s crap. Otherwise, tell us how you felt when you were reading it, how you felt when you were done (did it feel like you ran out of book?), would you go back and read it again, and did you feel you wasted money on said book?

    Never use the words “everybody thinks” cause you don’t and can’t know what everybody thinks. And I think that’s the easiest way to get someone’s back up about something, to tell them how they feel about something. Or I may just be contrary and argumentative. Either way fits some days.

    I can understand letting yourself down, but don’t be so hard on yourself. You see you broke a commitment, but most people who know you truly knows you don’t do that arbitrarily. You don’t blow off something you said you’d do without a decent reason. It’s not like you put it off to paint your toenails or go shoe shopping. If you didn’t feel you could do it then, then you couldn’t do it then. For whatever reason. I may not agree with said reason, but in this instance, again, your opinion is what matters. Just bear one thing in mind when holding yourself to high standards, you yourself need forgiveness sometimes too. Cause if you’re not the first person you love and forgive, how can you love and forgive the others in your life?

    ❤ I think you're one of the most amazing women I've ever met in my life. And I truly think you can do anything at all you set your mind to. There is nothing in the world that you set your mind to you can not accomplish. I don't think there's anything in the world if you came to me and said you wanted to do it that my first thought would be "OMG she's making a mistake to even try! She can't do that!". Not a single think. You're Supergirl in my mind. Yea, it's a high pedestal, but you've been up there for years and never once teetered or even wobbled. You're honest, strong, real, and no-nonsense. You're human and not perfect by any means, but you don't try to be. Which is why that pedestal is so solid. And I'm not the only one who thinks so…;)


    I'm going to take my sappy self to bed now. lol


  2. missyjo October 17, 2009 at 10:12 pm #

    *double comment*

    Holy crap my comment was longer than your blog post.


  3. C October 17, 2009 at 10:25 pm #

    Do it. And competition is good for the soul, as long as its healthy. I personally see everything that I do as a challenge that I can improve upon, especially if the first time I do it is a monumental failure (imo).

    Also, I’m going to warn you in advance: it is a fluffy series, but it gets more in-depth the further in you go. And she gets less slutty. Srsly. Lemme know when you are ready for the next book. 😉

  4. vyxen October 18, 2009 at 7:13 am #

    Oh Brandy. You’re awesome.

    1) Thank you for the review advice. You’re right, though I think that if a book was absolute shit I would just neglect to review it. I would roll my eyes and throw ‘er in the corner. Oh. Well. Or pick out some redeeming factor. Everything has a redeeming factor, doesn’t it? At least book-wise.

    2) I love you. I really do. Thank you. /Hug.

    3) You make my blog look weak by comparison! Nice comment. 😉

    C. I’m seeing that. I hope it gets better, Faythe is already annoying me (as is the spelling of her name, and I generally quite dig bizarre use of the letter “y”). I’m giving it a chance, though! (I admit, I went into it with a sense of foreboding. I do that, though, when a series/book is hugely notorious. Harry Potter, for example. When there’s a great deal of hype, I am considerably less interested. This book (series) is hyped at Café V. BUT! I will not (I promise) make up my mind until I am done. This book is going to inspire a mini essay, though, I think. Coming soon to a vyx-blog near you!)

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