It’s a beautiful life! Oh oh ohh!

13 Oct

Write.  Right?

I’ve been gone for a long time.  Almost two months.  Which, actually, is unclear.  I haven’t been gone gone.  Just bloggingly absent.  Let’s chalk it up to life being hella busy, lately.  Good busy, though.  Fun stress (read: vyx and mephy are going to buy a house).

Look.  K’s journal prompts numbre quatre.  I remembered, just now, that she’d put up another list.  I wanted to link it – because that’s what I do – but I had to read it first.  Did you see that one?  This one:

Go take pictures.  Never taken pictures?  Don’t even own a camera?  Don’t worry about it, go to Walgreens and buy a 35mm disposable, spend a day just snapping away, don’t worry about how they will turn out, how amazing they will be, just record your life.

That is badass.  I want to do that.  I think I will.  Not today, though.  It’s already 2058hrs; a bit late to start chronicling my day (although!  The pumpkin pie I’m gearing up to mow down on would make a fabulous picture.  Hrm).  I like that, though.  And?  Let’s face it, it’s a good mantra for any creative portion of life: don’t worry about how it will turn out, don’t worry if it will be amazing or trite crap, just do.  I dig that.

Exciting update: (inorite!  What could be more exciting than buying a house?!) I’ve been reading voraciously.  Pretty skookum, imo.

Okay kids.  Lame update, I know, but I felt the blog bug and I didn’t want to see it get squashed.  I’ll try for more consistent updates, again, soon.

Ace of Base – Beautiful Life


Edit/PS.  Do you think that supplemental creativity aids primary creativity?  Would a photo journal of a day in the life of your bitchy neighbourhood vyxen make me feel more like writing?  Does painting help photographers?  Does writing poetry inspire a novelist?  (I think these things because I have decided that I need more creativity in my life.  I need a fun hobby – like a craft – but I haven’t decided what to do.  I’m still thinking about archery, but that’s not terribly creative, just frakking nifty.)


2 Responses to “It’s a beautiful life! Oh oh ohh!”

  1. MJ October 15, 2009 at 8:52 pm #

    I agree 100% with the chronicling of your life. This is why they invented camera phones, I truly believe. I snap pics of everything, most often my youngest two girls, simply because I can catch them. ha! But I try to get pics of everything, even if it’s as simple as rearranging the living room. Because someday I’m not going to remember, and I’ll have all these amazing pictures to go back through, and not even need a shoebox to keep them in!! And sharing with those I love who aren’t nearby (like you<3) is so much easier to do. I can keep you up-to-date in my life without having to starve to do it. lol

    And HOLY CRAP YOU'RE BUYING A HOUSE!!! EEEEEEP! SO EXCITING!!!!!!! Pictures? When you decide on one, that is. lol I love you. ❤

    You should totally do book reviews. Don't worry about how it sounds. It's a review, aka your opinion of the book. Not everyone's going to agree with you, but who listens to dumb people who don't agree with you anyway? hehe

  2. vyxen October 15, 2009 at 9:03 pm #

    Awh. Brandy! You’re fantastic. 🙂 Thank you, hon.

    I think I will do some manner of “a day in the life of teh vyx” photo journal. (I have to! It’s one of K’s prompts and I want to do all of them!) Might be fun! Alas, no camera phone. But my digicam is tiny, so it’ll fit in my purse and I will take it EVERYWHERE one of these days! And you’re right, it’s awesome to chronicle your life for family/friends and future reference/memory prompting.

    I AM buying a house. Well. Not right now. But! I will be! I am stoked. You have no idea. (Okay, you probably do, it’s true!)

    I think I might venture into that book review thing. It might be fun. If nothing else? It’s different and something new. 🙂

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