17 May

I told you that you were inspiring, K.

I dream too hard, and that’s not even the half of it.
What are some of your dreams?

Dreams.  Good question, glad you asked.  I have two.  That’s it.  Just two.  Both are completely attainable, which makes me smile.

One dream opens with two wee ones, a boy and a girl, playing on a desperately green carpet of grass.  Add to that a pair of dogs (German Shepherds, of course) bolting, full tilt, toward those aforementioned lil’uns to tackle them, gently, and smother them in licks.  In this dream there’s also a house, and I’m not picky about what it looks like at this juncture as long as it’s mine (and mephy’s) and it’s home.  And?  Let’s top this one off with a couple of nerds sitting on a porch swing, just drinking tea and loving life.

The other dream is to write a novel.  I don’t need to publish it, and no one, aside from me, ever needs to read it, but I would love to write it.  And you know?  I love that.  It makes me all tingly that I don’t have a drive to write for everyone else.  I won’t lie, of course, I have a dream that is subsidiary to this one: I want to emulate Neil Gaiman (or Charles de Lint I’m not too fussy).  Ultimately, though?  I don’t write for you.  I know I post in a public blog, but that’s just because I’m a minor attention whore and I like to be “heard” sometimes.  This is for me.  When I remember that (sometimes I get a little confused as to my intention and that’s when I clam up and put the brakes on), I can smile.

Good dreams.  What’re yours?


Oh!  In other news, before I forget.  My boss at the bookstore sent me an email the other day:

So I had this idea the other day.  How do you feel about reviewing a book for us?  The public library has a weekly book review in the PG Citizen, and I thought maybe you could review something and I would forward it to them.  [P] and her husband [R] have already done it.

If you are interested, I will contact [A] at the library as to how many words they are looking for, and maybe check your title choice with her to make sure it hasn’t been reviewed already.  You could probably do like a Neil Gaiman book or something if you wanted…

Let me know if that is something you would be up for.

(So much for not needing to publish.  😉 )

Nickelback – If Today Was Your Last Day


5 Responses to “Dreams.”

  1. raekin May 17, 2009 at 3:49 pm #

    Very good dreams 🙂 And great that they’re attainable.

    Right now, I have none… I guess I need to get to know myself even better still to work those out!

  2. kendrajk May 17, 2009 at 6:19 pm #

    you’re dreams sound so nice and perfect 🙂 i’m glad you blogged about them ^_^

  3. lahirondelle May 18, 2009 at 1:34 am #

    my dreams are similar to yours… just substitute huskies for German shepherds and lose the kids, I have given up on those… oh and add a few other things to the novel (and I’d like mine published please), like creating and selling art – but yeah, similar dreams 😉


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