14 Apr


I’ve been working a new job.  I answer phones.  It’s great fun.  But!  I do have a nifty shift schedule that looks a little like this: two days (0700-1900), two nights (1900-0700), four off.

Four days off.

I can get a lot accomplished with that.  I know.  So, I’ve decided to!  I have GRAND plans to make dates for myself; I bought a fab-o pair of walking shoes (my old ones were terrible and desperately need to be retired, or euthanized) and have planned to take walks up the hill not to far from my place (6km round trip and it’s a pretty substantial hill, I used to walk this a lot, but have slacked.  No more!).  More important?  I have decided to actually start to take my laptop on dates to a local coffee shop (a fabulous local coffee shop.  If you’re ever in the area, check it out.  You will not be disappointed).  We shall see what manner of crazy things result of these dates.  Oh yes.

Airborne Toxic Event – Happiness is Overrated



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