7 Mar

I find it amazing that three weeks can feel like three days and three years at the same time.

While I’ve been away from home, and in a learning environment, I’ve been doing a multitude of things. Most important for this entry are three: dreaming, reading and imagining. The reading is not quite as steady as I would like, but that’s to be expected as I have a lot of paying attention and learning to do, in class. It’s the dreaming that I find interesting. I know that during a sleep cycle there is an element called REM sleep. I know that everyone dreams every night, unless their sleep cycles are horribly interrupted. I also know that I rarely wake up to remember dreams, and surely not every night, as I have been for the passed three weeks. It’s been a lovely experience that I hope I will be able to hold onto (despite the fact that my dreams are unbelievably bizarre. We’re talking werewolves and home invasions – that’s the class content peeking through to my urban fantasy loving subconscious – and other such things). The imagining is another blessing. I’ve not done much writing to speak of, but I have been jotting down little snippets of ideas left, right and centre. I have also been itching to complete some of the writing exercises in a how-to tips ‘n’ tricks book I picked up a few months ago.

I am digging this.



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