31 Dec

Tomorrow is 2009.

The turn of a new year could be just another day in a (mostly) endless series.  (Just another day that happens to be a stat holiday.)  Or, the turn of a new year could be something magical.  An opportunity, perhaps, to shed the opressive skin of what’s been holding you back and begin anew.  Catharsis.  I prefer to think of it in terms of the latter.  I need a lil’ magic in my life.

So.  As you know, this year has seen a great deal of promise from me.  I have said that I will write, but have not.  This is due, in large part, to my need for procrastination.  It is like air to me.  I don’t make resolutions for new years, but I do need to try to work on this procrastination gig.  I need to shit or get off the pot.  To write, or not to write, that is the theme of ’09.  The great news?  I am entering into a new time in my life.  I’ve taken a new job (911 dispatch for the RCMP) that will give me a great deal of time off (four days on, four days off).  I think I will be able to, with a great deal of that work I mentioned, use those days creatively.  I have to.  Must stop making hollow promises, or you’re going to leave me. . . .

The very best of the new year to you all.  Make it a great one, folks.

Gordie Sampson – You (Or Somebody Like You)



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