A lil’ somethin’ somethin’.

12 Dec

In order to arrive, don’t you, first, have to leave?  Yeah?  Okay, so what’s in between the two, then?  Between the leaving and the arriving?  Travelling.  Travelling and waiting.

Life’s a metaphor.  Always has been, likely always will be.  Old adages, yah know?  Take the road less travelled.  Walk your own path kind of garbage.  S’all true, though.

A few decades ago, I was born.  Wasn’t born into anything special, just born.  My childhood was fairly uneventful; a few cuts and scrapes here, a bruise or twelve there.  I learned how to walk, I learned how to fall and somewhere in between I learned how to pick myself up.  I was as awkward a teenager as you were; gangly and unkempt . . . trying desperately to fit into some sort of social norm, but failing pretty miserably.  I figure it’s all for the greater good, though, that Ugly Duckling Syndrome.  Helps us, most of us anyway, find a bit more compassion for our common man.  At the core of us, we’re not really all that far removed from that maladroit youth we try so hard to push into oblivion.

I dreamed, as you dream, of something bigger.  Something beyond the hum-drum mediocrity of the every day grind.  I didn’t really understand that dream until recently, though.  I always thought Fate would step in, look into my eyes and apologize, profusely and completely, for having let me fall through the cracks.  I always thought I was destined for something more.  Heh.  Let me tell you a little something about Lady Fortuna . . . she’s a self righteous cunt.  I could’ve been Jesus reborn and the bitch wouldn’t have admitted fault in the lack of recognition I’ve received.


This is up on devArt.  In fact, it is the only thing I have on my devArt.  I take issue with posting things that I’ve written online.  It’s not something that I’m terribly fond of doing, to be honest.  Mostly because I tend to worry what people will think of things that I’ve written.  I have to get over that.  The other reason is a bit more technical – I worry that I will lose rights.  Heh.  This, though, is not really a part of anything.  It could be, very easily, but it is not currently.  I like it.  Possibly because I used the word “cunt” for no good reason.  Who’s to know?  At any rate, it’s something.

Watching Stargate.



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