Taking the bull by the . . . horns.

20 Oct

I was out for a dinner date this weekend.  During this (marvellous and very long) dinner date, my compatriot and I touched on many topics of conversation, all compelling.  The conclusion, though, I felt should become an entry, here.

J (to paraphrase): as long as I’ve known you, you’ve wanted to be a writer.  Write!

There was no asking that I reconsider my procrastination techniques, nor did she beg and plead for me to break down the walls damming up my most impressive ideas.  She said write.  It was an order.  I balked, I blushed, but I found I was unable to back away.  She’s right, after all.  I once said, elsewhere, that it’s foolish to sit, uninspired and uncreative, and wait for both inspiration and creativity to hit.  It ain’t gonna happen.  The fun part of writing is the difficult (and frustrating) part of writing: it’s work.  Hard work.

Bring it.

Bon Jovi – I Love This Town

Oh.  Before I go!  In other news: the aforementioned (and might I mention, published) author Lynda Williams mentioned vyxpress in a recent entry of her blog!  We’re makin’ waves, here, folks.  Nov. 12, look out!  (There’s no way I’ll be able to read something I’ve written, but I think Gaiman should make his Café V debut, don’t you?)



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