Out hob-knobbin’!

16 Oct

I signed myself up for a few extra hours of work, last night.  Don’t despair, I am not that dedicated to peddling books.  I worked a few hours because The Boss asked that I cover the desk for an author event he thought I might be interested in.  Turns out?  He was right.

Fantasy author Nathalie Mallet and Sci-Fi ink slinger Lynda Williams hosted their Sci-Fi/Fantasy creativity evening at Café V (where they make a mean London Fog, lemme tell you).  I admit, having virtually no knowledge of the population of writers, let alone genre writers, in the area, I was heartily impressed by the turn out.  I am very interested to see what each of these players brings to the table.

It may not be a writing group, so to speak, but I’m hoping this meeting of the minds will help me slay the dread dragon Procrastination and, perhaps, be a key to getting to know some fab new people who seem to dig their craft.  If nothing else, it’s an opportunity to get out of the house and sink into creativity.

Apocalyptica (Featuring Linda Sundblad) – Faraway Vol. 2



One Response to “Out hob-knobbin’!”

  1. Lynda Williams October 20, 2008 at 7:04 am #

    Yes! Dread dragon of procrastination is in our sights, vyxen. And enjoying each other’s company, writing and favorite books.

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