Making waves.

19 Sep

I’m pretty sure this is total cheating.  I’ve ripped most of this from the depths of The Unpublished.  The Saved Drafts.

I thought, today, that I’d published a quote from The Writer.  I swore up one side and down the other that I recalled transcribing from that magazine, early in the year.  For the life of me, though, I could not find it.  The Saved Drafts trek was a complete fluke, but it was there.  Apparently I’m not completely crazy.

At any rate. . . .  (Remember, this is from January.  It’s just a jump to the left!)

Writers write. (Don’t expect anything thought provoking, here, folks. The pond’s pretty, but it ain’t deep.) I’ve been doing a lot of reading of The Writer, lately – they sent me two magazines (the expected January issue as well as a supplement entitled “How to be a more productive writer”) this issue, I have a lot to sift through – and that’s the lesson of the month. Actually it’s neat. Here:

What’s the key to writing success? Talent? Intelligence? Creative genius? None of the above. According to Dean Keith Simonton, a psychologist who has conducted research on creativity for more than 25 years, creative success correlates most closely with output: the quantity of work produced. (Lee Tobin McClain)

True? Well it certainly follows an adage: “practise makes perfect.”

Back to the future.

So.  Where does that leave us, then?  I’ve touched on my thoughts in regards to perfectionism: there is a time and a place for it.  The chopping block.

I need to start writing, again.  I was doing really well, for a few months, writing every day.  I have many excuses as to why I stopped, none of them are very good.  I need to re-start that.  The problem, though, is that what I was writing was hardly creative.  That is something I need to work at.

My life needs to change.  A great deal of things in my life are changing, I’m seeing to that.  This is just another thing to work on.  And this post, it seems, is just another sacrifice to the Procrastination Gods.  But, at least I know where that quote from The Writer is, now!

Billy Joel – You May Be Right


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