9 Sep

It’s an apt title when you come online, to your writing blog, to jot down a few words about your irritation in regards to – drum roll, please – writer’s block.

Why apt?  Because when I can’t wax creatively, I level ‘toons.  (New hunter on Frostwolf.  Huzzah!)

I’ve been handed a few writing challenges, lately.  One from Mephy (he is waiting, patiently, for the current one before he hands off another), and one from my boss (a book review for a popular YA series, for our company’s website).  I was stoked.  Stoked.  Mephy is showing great interest in my writing, right now, and I’d like to foster that.  The thought that I could impress him makes me want to write (it could, also, be what’s holding me back, as I think about this.  Hey!  I ain’t scared of writing!  But Mephistopheles makes me a little nervous!).  The boss asking me to do this makes me really want to get it done.  Professional, and all, y’dig?

I procrastinated only so far.  You should be proud.  I’ve sat down more times than I can count, with pen and paper, and have plotted things out.  Outlines, major points, and things like that.  When it comes to the actual composing, though?  I’m a touch lost.  I’ve scrapped a lot.  I’m going to keep plugging, and I think I really do need to get out of the house to be successful.  I just feel it is necessary to lament, as it serves, also, as a reason this blog has seen its fair share of tumble weeds in the past few weeks (months?).

I’m trying!  🙂

Apocalyptica – Bittersweet.

PS.  Somewhat unrelated: I have tickets to see Apocalyptica at the Commodore Ballroom in Vancouver on Oct 26.  Hail me, for I am your hero.



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