21 Aug

Why do you write?

It was a question in a deviantArt forum. A good question.

Writing helps me to clear the cobwebs that take up residence in my mind. Random thoughts littered all over the floor. Writing them down is like cleaning house, tidying. Or. It helps me to work out some issues. Emo bullshit that’s making me crazy, on any given day.

Why do I write, though? I’m not particularly talented at it. Low Self Esteem Vyxen (on sale now, only $15.95 at participating retailers!) says: I’m not particularly talented at anything, actually. Writing is just something I’m a bit less crappy at. (Sometimes.)

I write because I want to write. I want a hobby. This is something I really do enjoy doing. It makes me feel productive. Creative. A touch more unique. It’s something to do.

I write because I read. I go through fits and spurts, but lately I’ve been doing a lot of reading. Reading always spawns new ideas. New ideas clutter up that floor I was telling you about, earlier. Writing, again, makes me feel better about myself. I can’t stand being in an un-tidy room. Having an un-tidy brain drives me right batty (no. Really. You’ve seen me at my most un-creative, you know that it does).

I write because I still have a sense of whimsy. A sense of fancy. I write because it’s a good way to leave the day’s stresses on the back burner, even if only for an hour.

I write because I want to write. I love it. Genius, or hack, it makes me smile.

Apocalyptica – One



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