1 Jul

When I write, I get lost.

When I was young, I was a bookworm. (I’m trying to be one again.) I distinctly remember one evening, when I was a teenager (awkward!), when I was reading while Mom was making dinner. Quite immersed in a novel I can’t quite remember (though was likely something penned by the prolific Mr. King) was I when the Queen Mother called me to help her with dinner by setting the table. When I looked up, she graced me with the most peculiar look. When I enquired after the reason for this look, she responded by way of relating to me that I picked up on her request on the fifth time she made it. I missed four calls from my mother, who was seven feet from me, because I was completely lost in a book. The world had dissolved, leaving just me and a sheaf of written language.

That happens, too, when I write. Passionately, anyway. Something that strikes me, that I see as important. I get lost. I forget where I am, who I am, what I am. When that happens, the only important thing is that I’m writing. It’s like breathing, then. The one thing that connects me to anything. Something to keep me alive.

Okay. So maybe that’s a little bit melodramatic, but I really do lose myself when I write something I feel is important.  (Because I just can’t let a thought die.  It seems so damned cruel.)

Just an observation. Something I couldn’t help but jot down.

Keep it real, folks.

(Again, no music. Watching The Crow.)



2 Responses to “Channelling.”

  1. kendrajk July 2, 2008 at 2:10 pm #

    i completely understand what yer saying!
    i’m like that with all my art (writing, taking photos, painting etc). i get so immersed in it that it’s all i think about and i feel okay about everthing.


  2. vyxen July 2, 2008 at 6:22 pm #

    That is nice, hey? The feeling all right about everything part? 🙂 It’s like all’s well in the world. I totally dig that.

    Nice to know I’m not alone. 😉

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