Spider bite v2.0.

24 Jun


So. The night before last, I woke up to a faint tickling on my left wrist. I was properly groggily dazed, but looked up and saw a rather large creepy crawlie. I gasped and brushed the ginormous carpenter ant onto the floor without thinking about it. Groggy shock, you see.

I cussed myself in a hiss as I realized that I spared its life for future bites. All for naught, for, five seconds later, Mephy woke with a “get me the fuck out of this bed” start (no. Rly. He jumped straight out of bed.) and confessed to feeling the same faint tickle . . . on his stomach (ugh). Mephy, a different sort from yours truly, hunted the heinous offender down. He should change careers.

So. Ant bites. That means no wall crawling and brain tingles. But! I’m hoping it improves my work ethic.

Keep it real!

Billy Joel – Movin’ out (Apt, no?)


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