22 Jun

Peeps have been updating their blogs like mad, yo. I feel totally left out.

What do I have for you on my “I’ve been looking over the fence at the ol’ Jones place, and I like what I see” update-o-rama? Eh. Nothing. You’ve got to be used to it by now. Rly.

I have a few posts simmering away. Discourses. Essays on genre and what have you.

What have I been up to? Creatively? Well. Not as much as I’d like. You see, I talk a big game. I’d love to be able to sit down and write and write and write some more, every morning. Buuuut . . . I’m just more of a procrastinator than that.

So. Clearly I can’t break with procrastination. How do I work with it? How do I write when all I’d like to do is put it off until “the right time?” (‘Cause, y’know, that actually exists. And how!) I need to find something else that I’d like to do and then procrastinate away from that with writing. That would probably work!

On a more serious note, I have been working on some characters. I have three going. One of them I’m actually quite interested in. Sort of funny, too, because she’s not, at all, the one I thought I’d be working on. She was more of a pulp character. Something funny. Someone who came about because I dug the name that came to me and the image of the person who held the cognomen this one holds. Eenteresting stuff.

There you have it. Completely useless blogging. I live to serve.

Now? To make lasagna! Bitchin’.

F C Kahuna – Hayling. Courtesy of mephy.



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