2 Jun

So. Question.

How, exactly, does one move from having an idea, to expanding upon it?

I believe my problem is yet another example of the power of three. One part procrastination, one part fear, one part practise (a lack thereof, in this case).

I have ideas, and some of them are even pretty swell (imo), but I am completely lost when it comes to making a story out of an idea. Even if this idea has been exceptionally mapped out. This is a) because I put things off. I am lazy. It’s a vice. b) I do not enjoy failure. This is not to say that I will fail, but I will avoid it if at all possible. c) I don’t write, as a general rule. This needs to change. Whether it’s boring you, Gentle Reader, with daily blog posts, or composing short (not-to-be-blogged) pieces before a shift.

I am making strides, in my life. There are many things that need to change. This is one of them. If I can work on the rest, I can work on this.

If you have any advice, I would be most appreciative of it.

Bon Jovi – Lost Highway.


2 Responses to “Well.”

  1. kendrajk June 3, 2008 at 3:56 pm #

    I do have to say that writing regularly really helps.
    I have an Independent Study for Creative Writing this quarter and all i get to do is go to the library and write poetry. and if I’m not in the mood to write that day i dont, i read and that helps too.
    I haven’t written a story of any kind in at least a year so I don’t remember where i got my inspiration and..drive for that but for poetry i know i need a strong emotion or sense (taste touch smell etc) to write a poem i actually like. I’ve written a few poems inspired by a song as well as something going on in my life or in scotts life.
    So my only advice is to dedicate a time everday even if it is 15 minutes (i think making it at the same time everyday helps too) to write something, even if it sucks. keep a journal and if something sucks rip the page out and burn it.


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