21 Mar

News, that is. Of course now I’m left wishing I had a smore or twelve. At 7:54am. Decadent breakfast.

So. It’s been over a week. I have much news.

First of all, the writing group. Oh the writing group. Phenomenal people, all. There are five members aside from myself. I’m the youngest member by, oh, a good ten years. Buuuut . . . that’s okay! They’re a very welcoming group of people. It’s kind of neat, actually; they all know each other from elsewhere, and have for a while now. That made me nervous, initially, but it seems to have worked out in my favour. See, they’re all very comfortable with each other, it made just sitting there seem very natural. Not like I’d been friends with them for years, but that there was no need to feel awkward. Perhaps that’s just the kind of people they are, maybe I’m just getting more comfortable in social settings. Who knows? All I can say is: I’m glad I joined.

Second, and related, we were given an assignment. The first thing they had written, that I missed out on, was “My First Bicycle” or something to that extent. I haven’t been able to read anything that had been written, but I figure that’s all for the best. It might have made me more nervous so write for them if I had. Out of my league-kind-of-feeling and all. As it was, in the middle of this week, my favourite of the regulars in that group came into the store and started chatting me up about the writing assignment – which, by the b’ye as I forgot to mention, was “Leaving.” His question: So . . . what have you done? Read: what have you published, thus far? I stood there, aghast. An announcement at the first meeting I’d attended was that one of the women in said group had just been called up by some big-wig in NYC in regards to a screenplay she’d written. One of the other fellows has written novels (though, I’m not sure they’ve been published anywhere). I had to wonder, at that point, what I’d gotten myself into. Heh, luckily “oh. Uhm. Nothing, actually.” was an acceptable answer. Fate smiled upon me.

The writing is the part that surprised me, actually. I’d spent the better part of the week trying to come up with something decent – this was, after all, my coming out party. The idea I was, initially, going to go with, I still enjoy. A great deal. Alas, it didn’t work. So, yesterday (the due date) while I was in the shower (srsly, there is something to be said for bathroom genius) I conceived of what I actually submitted. I have to say, there is nothing like procrastination. I’m glad I still got it. Heaven forbid I ever have a publishing company supplied deadline. I’d be so fired. But, I digress. I wrote. I enjoyed doing it. I like the outcome. I will also post the outcome, but after I spend a bit more time with a red pen. I submitted it a tad hastily, I admit, but I didn’t have time to do a great deal of editing, due to the aforementioned procrastination (“Procrastination is like masturbation. It seems like a good idea at the time, but in the end you’re really only fucking yourself.”).

More exciting news? Scarlet came in the mail, yesterday! Scarlet is the name I’ve decided on for the creature of beauty I am currently composing this entry on. That’s right. My laptop. My first laptop. The key to my wildest dreams (it’s a justification for spending this much money, go with it)!


Queen – Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy


PS. I’m trying, very hard, to figure out how to upload a picture. When (if) I figure this out, I will show off my computer. In the meantime, it’s linked on both Facebook and Northlands. 🙂

PPS. Diggity. It only took me what? Two months to find the time to figure this out?  (By the b’ye?  There are not that many icons on my desktop, currently.  There is one.  That is all.  This was taken on Day One of laptop ownership.  I feel it is important to note this (and the fact that I have an Irish Wolfhound as my backdrop, not stock Dell) as I hate a desktop that is littered with icons.  It drives me right batty.)


One Response to “S’more.”

  1. lahirondelle May 5, 2008 at 7:04 pm #

    If you start posting again I will teach you how to up load pictures 😛

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