In the news.

13 Mar

So, I’m going to a meeting today. A meeting of minds, so to speak. See, there’re a few regulars at the bookstore I’m paid to hang out at (I feel like Paris Hilton when I describe work like that . . . that’s hot.). Said regs decided to start a writing group. One of them was foolish enough to mention it, offhandedly, while I was in earshot (he was also smart enough to skeedattle before I was able to chat him up about it, though, gotta give the man that). Another, more regular, also mentioned it offhandedly when he picked up the same book the other fellow had bought. Big mistake. He’s easier to bully into talking (I’m big. And mean. Oh yes.). So . . . long story short? I’m going to their meeting today. I missed their first assignment – something about a first bike, or biking experience – but I’ll sit in on their criticism session and politely sip on a latté . . . while being terrified of being addressed.

You see, precious reader, I’m not exactly out of the closet. I’ll talk about writing, and how I’d like to publish (if I could find the motivation and time to write more than just a blog entry here and there), but I have this “ZOMG! NO!” complex when dealing with someone who wants to (or needs to, in the case of professors and artists – yes, I have someone drawing a character of mine. pwnage.) read something I’ve written. So. Hopefully today results in a beginning of more writing and the increased ability not to hoard away my ideas and blatherings like so many acorns.

And? I have twelve days left to wait . . . for my brand spankin’ new laptop! So I’m pretty excited. And impatient. Mostly excited, though. I’ll show you. When it’s here. Oh. I’ll also let you know how today went. After it goes.

BSB – Quit Playing Games With My Heart (This is, surprisingly, not one of the songs that makes me go: “oh. Shit. I need to change this, son. This is brutal.” On the contrary. I love BSB. Funny how I can scream that and not let people in on my little worlds.)


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  1. lahirondelle March 20, 2008 at 6:17 am #

    so? 🙂

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