Silly Goddess. . . .

12 Mar

“Ima take my certification and get my license for both restricted and non-restricted firearms with mephy”

why? see this throw away line is a post in itself… for me it is a very charged and loaded (nopunintended) decision – yet it is there in a lighthearted “ima gonna get my hair highlighted blonde, ima gonna buy the latest gaiman offering, ima gonna learn how to kill and so is my boyfriend” sense

public elaboration on this theme is respectfully requested D

(I’m channeling Gaiman.)

It’s not that big a deal, darlin’. Mephy needs to have his license before he can legally own (and operate) a gun, and buy ammunition. Mephy tells Vyxen that they will have guns in their house, in the future (when they have a house). Vyxen thinks: “huh. I should probably know how to use one of those, then, hey?” A decision was born.

Well that, and (apparently) guns r fun, mmkay? Ultimately, it’s another thing to learn. Heh, and something that makes Mephy happy to chitter about. He’s cute when he’s happy. It makes me happy.

Moving on?

Does everyone have a novel (or a dozen) swimming around in their head? Once you start paying attention, it’s as though every second person is writing, has written, or is planning to write a book. Maybe it’s ’cause I work in a bookstore and people are just more apt to chat about such things, I’m really not sure. Either way, it’s interesting. And terrifying. The number of ideas floating around, in that case, is astronomical. Can you even fathom that many ideas? I can’t even conceive of one that I’m especially fond of.

Anyway. I have nothing overly interesting to say. Oh. Except. I found a new blog today. I was looking for fox tattoos (it’s what I’d like) and found a blog written by a fox . . . who has tattoos. Nifty. I like it. I may stalk it.

Seal Paul – Like Glue. (Sometimes these things just happen and I’m left wondering why. Rly. Y?)


PS. I totally have the latest Gaiman offering on pre-order. w00t.

2 Responses to “Silly Goddess. . . .”

  1. Josh December 8, 2008 at 7:43 pm #

    How goes the stalking? It couldn’t have been too difficult – keeping up with SaidtheFox is hardly a challenge. What I’d hoped would be a torrential downpour of content and creativity has managed only the occasional drip from the leaking, rusting faucet that is my mind.


    Anyhow – I recently posted a story entitled “Like Bricks.” If you’re interested in sleuthing about over at again, I’d appreciate to hear what your thoughts are.

    Take care,
    Josh (The Fox, mentioned so long ago in this post of yours.)

  2. vyxen December 12, 2008 at 7:08 am #

    Well hey there. Thank you for making a stop over, here.

    I have to admit, my stalking has taken quite the nosedive. I can sympathize with your frustrations, though. I had hoped, in starting this blog, that it would inspire me to actually write. So far? No dice.

    Boo, indeed.

    I will re-commence the stalking. I always quite enjoyed my stop overs at your little slice of the interwebz. I may even comment!

    Have a wonderful day.

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