Prophetic life.

14 Feb

So The Writer came into the store yesterday. Huzzah! (It makes my month. Every month. I get so excited. It’s actually kind of pathetic.) Anyway. So. Listed on the cover are some of the articles in this issue: “7 Reasons why a pen name can be an author’s best friend Page 16,” “6 Writing tips from Aristotle that still hold true today Page 34,” “Writing for Girls: How to find the right voice for a tough audience Page 36,” “Point/Counterpoint: Does reading while writing help or hurt your work? Page 22, 24.” Back up the train! Writing for girls, you say? Well hoooooooly cow. That’s what I want to do! Flipflipflip. Read the article as I munched on my lunch – salad and a muffin if you’re curious. Oh and water.

Not interesting? Well! Wait. Only fifteen minutes later, just after my lunch break, we received a shipment of books. In said shipment was a copy of Teach Yourself: Writing A Novel. That’s right. How to write stories for girls and how to write a novel . . . in the same hour! It’s a sign. (I have poor vision. Just about anything can be interpreted as a sign.) I should write a novel . . . for girls. Well. That. Or, I should learn how to play card games with Aristotle.

In other news: Ima take my certification and get my license for both restricted and non-restricted firearms with mephy. World beware!

Ol’ Blue Eyes – I Won’t Dance


Oh. And happy V-day.


One Response to “Prophetic life.”

  1. hiro March 11, 2008 at 9:07 am #

    “Ima take my certification and get my license for both restricted and non-restricted firearms with mephy”

    why? see this throw away line is a post in itself… for me it is a very charged and loaded (nopunintended) decision – yet it is there in a lighthearted “ima gonna get my hair highlighted blonde, ima gonna buy the latest gaiman offering, ima gonna learn how to kill and so is my boyfriend” sense

    public elaboration on this theme is respectfully requested 😀

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