31 Jan

(Holy!  Three updates in as many days!  Is Vyx on crack?  Erm.  No.  But I did come down with a nasty case of a flu-ish thing that kept me from work and, subsequently, hella bored.  Not bored enough to write something substantial, though, nosiree!  Bored enough to level my mage (WoW) enough to bring her to Arathi Basin, again, though.  I pwn.  Anyway. . . . )

So I’ve been spending the morning fiddling with iTunes (so much so that it’s giving me a lag I’m only really used to in AB, anymore.  Hah.  Reminiscent of my days playing D2.  Lag death.  FTL.).  See, mephy gave me a wee little iPod (nano) for Christmas this year.  I haven’t had much of a chance to play with it.  I remembered to bust it out today and allowed my perfectionism to take control of me today and edited all of the music I have so that the artists and song titles were correct and are, now, where they should be!  (I pwn.)


Well.  I figure music is a tool.  I find it exceedingly difficult to write without it.  Back in the day (read: high school) I wrote the 50some pages of some unnamed never-to-be-completed “novel” while listening only to Savage Garden‘s self titled first album.  (Hah.  I used to play Privateer while listening, only, to the Hackers soundtrack, too.  Not the same thing, but just as obsessive and weird.)  I’m, currently, on an Apocalyptica kick.  Srsly.  I have difficulty writing, these days, unless I have Apocalyptica on.

So.  Yah.  The iPod.  Now?  I have no excuses.  I have the pretty notebook I picked up at work for writing-type journalling, my notebook notebook for idea jotting and portable music.  Or every genre.  How badass is it that I can fit, like, 8GB of music on a tiny piece of technology?  Do you have any idea how many songs that is?  It’s insane!  Thank the Muses for iTech.

Look out local coffee shops!  Here comes teh Vyx.  (And her – ready for it? – handy dandy . . . NOTEBOOK!)

Btw.  Have I mentioned, yet, that I’m completely addicted to linking things in here?  If not, I apologize.  I am.  It’s fun.

(I’ll try to take a long break between updates, now, so you can read something of substance next time, kay?)

Plastico – Communicate.


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